His Kingdom in you and the world

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Christ is your life in every way. He is you and He is us.
He is the church and He is the new creation.

It's incarnation

The new covenant – our post cross life is a life. It’s not a contract between you and God or a transaction that you have made with God by offering one or two culturally ‘sacred’ obediences to God in exchange for ‘a life in Christ’.

Because a life in Christ is not Christianity. And life in Christ is not a religion. Our post cross inheritance is Christ our life. It’s an incarnation.

Unless we understand and live this we are not living the pearl of great price, the treasure in the field of the yeast and makes the whole bun.

Paul nailed it with the words, Christ our life. It’s non dualistic and the larger meaning of the ‘two have been made one.’

This is the Jesus Lens of this blog. Christ is our life and we are sons in spirit and in truth by agreeing with God about Himself and about us. We are one with God. We and Father are one.

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Do you know what the incarnation is? It’s the trinity in you, meaning God woven into your being. When Jesus spoke of building a church without human hands He was alluding to the basis of post cross Kingdom life. Incarnation – you and us as the manifestation of God. Such people are called sons.

You might think these posts unusual if you have been raised on a gospel of moralism which is a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil.

But the fall ended at the cross. At the cross Adam was undone and Christ became your life as the new Father of the human race.

These posts are about living in your inheritance and repenting if need be from gospels that are not the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. The fact is that in this age Christ becomes you.