His Kingdom in you and the world

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When someone gets a new job you hope that they will find satisfaction in it and do it well. The ideal job is a job that is the expression of you. If your job allows you to be who you are and the fruits of its success are the result of who you are, we can expect that your work will have been life-giving to you and those you touch.

Our fruitfulness in life is not the result of living to formulae and spirituality is not about the law. A fruitful life comes from our being one with God as daughters and sons. This is not a religious accomplishment. It is who and what we already are in Christ. Just as the trinity are part of each other, yet distinct persons so we are one with God and fully ourselves as a result. This is the way of spirit and life.


Herbert Marcuse wrote of One dimensional man. Many jobs in contemporary life have this effect. One might find acclaim from bosses and colleagues without ever having developed into one’s real self. Some jobs are an affront to who we are and others suck the life out of us. Others even when we are held to be successful in them cloud our real selves. One is real in Christ and nothing else.

The trouble with some kinds of success at work is that this success comes at the cost of the diminution of the self. We may even think that our proficiency in a job is who we are, when who we are is who we are.

The who of you is Christ.

Who we are – identity is more precise than a self-made persona. Who we are as genuine sons comes about from who we are in Christ. In Christ we are formed I communion with the Fatherhood of God.

In the Kingdom ‘doing’ is a function of being – sons.


Myk Habets following Thomas Torrance writes, “The supreme end for which God has designed his creation and which he activates and rules throughout all his relations with it is the purpose of his Holy Love not to live for himself alone but to bring into being a creaturely realm of heaven and earth which will reflect his glory and within which he may share with others the Communion of Love which constitutes his inner Life as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

It is in the incarnation of God’s beloved Son in Jesus Christ, and in our sharing in that relation of the Son to the Father through the Holy Spirit, that the secret of the creation, hidden from the ages, has become disclosed to us.” Habets observes, “Here theosis is a sharing in the Divine Life in a creaturely way as a direct result of the creation from the Love of the Father through the omnipotent grace of the Son and realised by the life-giving work of the Holy Spirit.”


Richard Rohr writes of how the first part of life in the experience of the sensitive ‘listening’ person leads to the Second Part of life. This can be seen as a change of life paradigm from doing to being or as our new birth out religion to Christ our life. The omega of our alpha is Christ come in our flesh as John emphasises.


Many folk never enter the Second Part of life because they live from thought patterns or a kind of faith that does not leave behind the tree of knowledge to enter Christ their life. They do not depart separation for union. They may talk rebirth of a religious kind but it is not the rebirth of being that is ours when we die to Adam and Moses and begin to live the life that is Christ as us.

A religious life will get us to heaven but it does not bring heaven to earth.


Myk Habets quoting Torrance observes, “Torrance notes how the universe requires ‘redemption from disorder’.. In other words, in the whole human life of Jesus the order of creation has been restored; in the midst of our disordered, sin-disrupted existence, there has been lived a human life in perfect order and proportion to the Will of God…This is the order of redemption which reaches back to the original order of creation and far transcends it in the amazing purpose of the divine love, as the order of the new creation.”


This restored ‘order’ embraces you and the present creation. It’s more than the restoration of mere order. It’s the restoration and indeed the beginning of a new creation life of love, purpose, spirit and life and the real identity of persons, churches, societies and nations. This transformation is Christ in us, Christ our life. It is direct and unseparated from you and from us. The trinity in you is part of you. This is how heaven comes to earth and how Babylon gives way to heaven.

‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ GAL 6.15 NIV. Religious rites added to Christ are superfluous. The new creation is Christ as us.

‘If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’ 2 Cor 5.17 NIV. Don’t politicise what God has abandoned and pretend it is a gospel.