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There are healers who are not healed and teachers who are not alive in their spirit. The spirit and life that is ours in Christ comes from a lived oneness with Christ.

We can be the kind of minister that serves up pieces of the knowledge of good and evil without ever serving up life. We can minister the healing of Jesus to crippled limbs and deaf ears without being healed ourselves. I mean healed of the separation we imagine we must overcome by our own efforts. Such teaching and healing comes from grace. But rivers of healing and life come from Christ our life - oneness with God.

In Christ we are one with God.

We are healed, whole and free when we are living the un-separated life that is our inheritance in Christ. Anything one does to secure the presence is bondage and not freedom.

You can have a life of companionship with Jesus and you don’t have to be pious to do it. Jesus is not contained in your prayer chair, prayer room or prayer tree. There are no specifically ‘religious’ compartments in the new creation – unless we have mistakenly put them there. This is not to say we cannot have favourite places to enjoy Him. Just that we are free to enjoy Jesus in our favourite places – like a special café or a fishing spot on the Murray river. Know the truth of the incarnation: Jesus is in you. He is anywhere you are. There is no sacred and secular in the new covenant age. No day or place that is more holy than any other. God in his fullness is in you and with you. Because God is in you, you have the potential to ignite and place or person or thing with His spirit and life.


If you are doing anything to attain union with God, you are not free. The presence of God that is yours does not come and go. You are incarnated with the living God. Gifts, healings and signs are a sign of this perpetual life – Christ in you.

You are included in God. This is your freedom and your Sabbath Communion.
Any effort of ours rooted in this oneness will bear fruit that lasts. The most fruitful people are those who are the manifestation of Christ.

Life in company with Jesus is not something to be striven for. It is what you have. In Jesus you have been positioned in the trinity. This is not something I made up. Jesus made it up and urged us to enter it. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

Having a deep and meaningful talk with a friend is a great pleasure. We can do this with Jesus but we can also rest in the fact that He is in us and with us. The incarnation means that He is in us when we are busy and not thinking religious stuff. However we are always in a spiritual state of being if we have made Him our life. Whatever our engagement He is manifesting in us whether we are aware of it or not. On top of this we have a Helper. By living in the new covenant we are accessing union with God and, like Jesus have the Spirit without limit. Not only this but as the scripture above implies, you are one with the trinity and they are one with you. Don’t deny the trinity with silly ‘oneness’ theology. You will sterilise God and make a eunuch of yourself. *


You grow as a daughter or a son in your personal interaction with Jesus. You can engage Him at any time and this does not have to be with words. Living your life with Jesus is a form of prayer that we can practice and improve on. Religion makes things a chore. You and Jesus being one makes things easy. Richard Rohr observes,

“Social and public prayers hold groups and religions together, but they do not necessarily transform people at any deep level. In fact, group certitude and solidarity often becomes a substitute for any real journey of our own. Hear this clearly. I am not saying there is no place for public prayer, but we do need to heed Jesus’ very clear warnings about it. In my own church, I am afraid I have met many priests who have recited the Divine Office and performed Mass most days of their lives, yet who show little evidence of any inner life or depth.” (1)

Fundamentalism can have us attached to words but empty of our being.

Inner depth and real life comes from union with God. Not as a concept or a figment of the letter that kills but as one of the forms of worship in spirit and in truth. The result is that you will know God, know yourself and have insights from God about the world and the situations in which you find yourself. This is far superior to notions of being ‘spirit-filled’ accompanied by little genuine union with God. By agreeing that John 14.2o is our reality we can do better than misguided words and flaky prophecies. We become people of substance and spiritual insight. We become full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit.

* ‘Oneness’ theology is a product of legalism and fundamentalism.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (pp. 72-73). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.