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In the realm of heaven ‘knowing’ means communion. We may wish to say that a knowledge of God is gained from an encounter with God. But it is closer to the truth to say that knowing God is had by being with God. Since the incarnation and the new testament age, God is woven into us by incarnation. Our being is united to God in Christ. This is life in the Spirit.


Incarnation is not the ‘gifts of the Spirit, nor is it the anointing. Incarnation is the result of the atonement and the reconciliation that is ours in the finished work of Christ. Many old testament heroes had encounters with God. None had God woven int0 their being as there had been no Messiah, no cross, no at-one-ment and no reconciliation in Christ. Life in the Spirit is Christ’s life as ours.


Christ come in our flesh began with Jesus of Nazareth. He comes personally to us as ‘Christ in you.’ Thus, Christ our life, woven into our being, is the basis of the Kingdom of God and new creation life in the post cross age. It’s the foundation for knowing God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent.

Religion will tell us that God is about law and morality. God is about life. Setting the captives free is about liberating people from forms of death pretending to be life. Many Christians need to be set free from religion to enter
life itself in Christ their life.

People often make excuses for law-based Christianity with the words, ‘The church has changed.’ But nothing has changed in a community of faith whose life is based in the law rather than union with God. Legalism and fundamentalism can present as truth in the very act of obscuring it. Law is anti-life. Christ is life in Himself.


Our post cross position in union with God. When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished’ He was declaring Adam’s separation finished and Moses’ liturgy ended. A true knowledge of God and the Gospel of Jesus grows from our living in the oneness of God that is ours. It’s your gift of life and the living way of knowing Jesus as He is and His Gospel in spirit and in truth.


We will not know the fullness of Christ or the comprehensiveness of the Gospel simply by reading the Bible and compiling a series of scriptures. Once we come to Christ, knowing Him in spirit and truth unfolds as we live in the oneness with Him in which He has already gifted us. A true knowledge of God is not ours only in words. It is ours in The Word who has made Himself part of our being.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Realising the extent and power of our inheritance as it is and not in some distorted gospel is ‘realised’ in oneness with God. It’s not often found in the positions of the fundamentalist but it s found as a result of oneness with Christ – a oneness that is present inheritance.

Bruce Ritchie observes that, “
Neither the scientist nor the theologian apprehends the inner rationality of an object by working deductively from statements. Instead, for the theologian, something of the wholeness of God in his being and act is communicated and apprehended in our encounter with his self-revelation in Jesus Christ. Hence, when we read Scripture, we do not just soak up statements (propositions) which the reason rearranges into doctrines’ (1) P.76.

We know the truth and we know life in oneness with the Father of life. This oneness of being is ours in Jesus Christ.

Death followes the followers of the law like a faithful dog. The Gospel is Jesus Christ. The Way, the Truth and the Life is the Person of Jesus realised in those astute enough to receive Him as their life.

  1. (1) Bruce Ritchie, TF Torrance in Recollection and Reappraisal. p 76