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We have an identity in Christ that defines us as sons and daughters of God. Here Christ is our life – not an addition and not an appendix to our person. He is us. This is the radical truth of life in the Spirit of Christ. No. We are not divine. But we are sons/daughters of God. This is a very high order of creation: Under Christ and above the angels. We are included in the Family of God.

You can do better than living a life in which you attempt to ‘Be like Jesus’ emulating His qualities. You’re more than a ‘character wardrobe.’ You are a son of God – not religiously or notionally but in spirit and in truth. How? By agreeing that God has embraced you in Jesus and made you part of His being.

The lie of the law, the lie of legalism, the original lie - is the claim that the knowledge of good and evil (the law) makes us Godly. The truth is that the law separates us from God. This is the great deceit that produces the fog of religion and eventually the great darkness.


Some are fond of saying’ ‘God is good all the time.’ Of course, He is. However goodness is not separate from God. Neither is there a body of law that is separate from God. Godliness is not an abstraction attached to God like a back-pack. It’s a state of being. Of being Himself. God is good because He is God. In Jesus, you are good because you are a daughter or a son. You are part of His being and grow into the fullness of yourself when Christ is your life. Because Christ is your life, God is your life. No dualism, no separation here. Not unless you manufacture it yourself out of ‘another gospel.’

Why does Paul make a thing about Christ in us and emphasise Christ our life. It’s not only because we have been made one with God in fellowship. It’s because our being and God’s being have been interwoven in Jesus. Repositioned in God there is no dualism, no dichotomy of a ‘bad me here and good Jesus over there.’ You have been joined to the being or God and God is joined to you in the Son of Man. This is radical grace and radical sonship.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14,20. If you have not realised this, realise it today. This revelation will change your life.


It’s about being - the state of being daughters and sons. God is all that is – He holds all things together in Himself. In making you part of Himself through Jesus, God has joined us to His life. We have been made one with all that is real; with the core reality of the universe; with the trinity that is God.

THIS IS INCARNATION – not only is Christ in you but you are in Christ and more. You are in the trinity and the trinity is in you. You have this identity as a member of the Holy Family. You are daughters and sons. What are we saying here? You are not just a human being!

You are more than just a human being.


If we have captured ourselves in a lesser identity than Jesus – than what is outlined on this page, we will tend naturally and routinely to spend a lot of time circling the mulberry bush rather than growing from glory to glory. Other effects are exceptionally dull discernment and a lack of spirit and life. All this despite much activity and even much grace. But the grace is not there to rationalise the dullness. Its and opportunity to advance into fullness.

A malnourished body is the effect of either a disease or absence of food. So it is with our spiritual being if we have settled for a lesser Jesus and another gospel. This can be rectified by having One Husband. A passion for Jesus will unleash in us a passion to know God and ourselves as we are. Joe McIntyre writes,

‘As the Spirit of the Father unveils to us our high calling, it creates within us a cry for a greater participation in these Realities. A divinely imparted longing arises in us and we hunger to walk and live in all that Father has provided in Christ. As we taste the Realities of Christ’s Finished Work, we cease our striving and begin to rest in Him. Our hearts are satisfied with His perfect Righteousness which we have embraced. We believe that our sins and lawless deeds are no longer remembered in the presence of God. (Hebrews10:17) .’ But this makes us more than a moral paragon. We are liberated from the dichotomies of good and evil to live as sons of God – to live as who we are doing what sons do. This is the state of being called, ‘Now we are the sons of God.’

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