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There is no abstraction and abstractionism in God. Our salvation and transformed life has been achieved in the reaching out of the Trinity – the most personable Communion there is – to draw us into oneness with God that is so ‘one’ that it is an interweaving of God with ourselves and ourselves with God. This is the meaning of Christ our life.*


The beauty of a full life in Christ is that Jesus is entirely our grace and our life as in wholeness and righteousness. The quest of God in Jesus Christ was not just to make us free of sin but to make us fully alive in God’s Life. Life in the trinitarian Communion that is God is infinite. It is this life that God has drawn us into in Jesus.


Nevertheless, relating to God well is a priority for all Believers. Jesus has taken this quest into Himself so that He is us in this respect as well. Thomas Torrance writes, “In worship and prayer Jesus Christ acts in our place and on our behalf in both a representative and a substitutionary way so that what he does in our stead is nevertheless effected as our very own, issuing freely and spontaneously out of ourselves.

“Through his incarnational and atoning union Jesus Christ has united himself with us in such a reconciling and sanctifying way that he interpenetrates and gathers up all our faltering, unclean worship and prayer into himself, assimilates them to his one self-oblation to God, so that when he presents himself as the worship and prayer of all creation, our worship and prayer are presented there also. When the Father accepts us in Jesus Christ his beloved Son, who then can distinguish our worship and prayer from Jesus' worship and prayer, for they are one and the same, wholly his and wholly ours in him?” (1)


The genius-reality of the incarnated life never sidelines us but becomes part of us in our intuitive relating to God in formal worship and the worship that is our life sons/daughters in spirit and in truth.

There is such a thing as an anointing. But it’s seldom something separated from us and mainly part of us. If you are a teacher of the Gospel the anointing takes the form of spirit and life issuing from your being in the words you speak and the appeals you make. It is experienced as greater fluency and freedom to speak truth. But it’s more than that. It’s the Living Word manifesting in your words. The difference in speech sourced in the knowledge of good and evil and sourced in Christ in you is the difference between sand and water. In oneness you are spirit and life.

* This is so different to the pedantic, fragmented, contract based bargain we try to make with Christ in religion and the law.

(1) Torrance Thomas, The Mediation of Christ, page 88.