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We need to understand that Jesus as the mediator does not mediate some abstraction - some qualities and values that are separate from Him. Such a view, though common enough insulates us from the direct presence of God. This presence is not just a presence but oneness with God. It’s not for an elite, only for theologians or intellectual Christians. It’s for all.


Good theology explains God, the Gospel and who God is and who we are in His Provision. It undoes aberrations and perverse gospels that destroys faith and cripples people. Good theology reveals the simplicity and comprehensiveness of the inheritance that belongs to all in Jesus Christ.

If you are a minister of Christ’s Gospel you do well to know it as it is and share it with ordinary folks who don’t read theology books but who simply desire to know God and be included in God’s Fatherhood.

In Putting an end to Adam Jesus put an end to religion and every kind of entity other than Himself that might be imagined to act as a channel of the spirit and life of God into our being. ‘Belonging’ in Christ is the possession of all whether one has a nan0-particle of Christ or all of Him. In these posts we present the ‘all of Christ’ in the declaration that Christ is our life because people have the right to make the journey to eternal life in First Class rather than with the dogs and cats in the aircraft hold. There is an excellent quality of life available to all who live in a ‘full gospel’ rather than ‘another gospel.’


‘Things’ are not channels of God’s Spirit. Life events, inspired sermons and even the Lord’s Table have no capacity to impart life. The point and meaning of this rite is to remind and celebrate the fact that we are incarnated with God and are His expression.

In Jesus, you and our Father are one.

Jesus imparts Himself. This is to say He imparts to us all that He is and all that is included in relationship with Him. So in Jesus we become woven into the trinity and the trinity is woven into us. This is the meaning of ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Your flesh, which is to say your spirit, soul and body becomes the manifestation of the fullness of God. You are a son/daughter. Not notionally as you would be in the law but in spirit and in truth which you are in Jesus.