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Christ our life gives us the freedom to enjoy life, to be alive as our unique selves and to be rivers of spirit and life. ‘Common Christianity’ can be quite different to the rich inheritance that is ours in Christ as is indicated in the sayings, ‘What would Jesus do? And ‘Keeping close to Jesus’. You can know what Jesus would do and be doing and what Jesus is doing now because He lives in you and by the Spirit is expressing Himself as you – when He and not religion is your life.

The Kingdom is not about a programme of not doing things. It’s About being you as a river of God’s life. You are not separated from God. God is in you and part of your being. There is no sacred and secular. There is an entire life to be lived as a manifestation of Jesus.


God does not live in reference to a body of law and neither should you. There is no schema of good works that you must conform to hanging in the air outside of God and outside of you. There is God who is life, love and righteousness and there is you. The manifestation of God in Christ in you. Your post cross privilege is to live in the fact that this God lives in you and imparts Himself to you so that His Spirit manifests as you.

Yesterday someone wrote a profound entry on Facebook. A little girl asked he Mum, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Her Mum replies, ‘It’s you.’ Think on this. Christ has come in our flesh which means that life, love joy and meaning is found in our relationship with God as sons/daughters of God.


Because Christ is your life you have the capacity to be yourself as the expression of God. This is the real meaning of sonship. Sonship is neither religious or sentimental. It’s incarnation.

If Christ is your life, religion is your lie. He did not leave us religion. Jesus left us Himself and more – the trinity in us, so that as Jesus ‘only did what Father did’, so we are able to be doing what Jesus is doing. Why? He has come in our flesh. This means ‘keeping close to Jesus’ is a furphy. Why? Firstly its’s a modern version of the law and secondly because you are not up to it. But rejoice. He lives in you and is always with you to express Himself as you. We can do Jesus and ourselves a service by living in the oneness that is already ours. How? Not by doing. But by resting in the Sabbath life that is Jesus as us.


This puts our devotions in an entirely new light. In His light we see that devotional life is not something to overcome a separation between ourselves and God but a means of remembering and reinforcing the radical truth that Christ has come in our flesh. This is why the Lord’s Table is the foundational sacrament because it reminds us of the truth of our life lived in incarnation.

A most subtle legalism can be the assertion that it’s all about relationship and you becoming the one who responsible for forming and maintaining that relationship. The truth is that Jesus is your relationship. If you have no yet learned what it meant by the vicarious humanity of Jesus, now would be a good time. It means that Jesus Christ is everything for us and that there is not even one link that we must forge ourselves to be in a life-giving relationship with God.


Living as a good person with Jesus’ help is patching up an old wineskin. Living as the expression of Jesus is the new wine manifest as you. Just let Jesus be you. Jesus said that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we have no life in us. We may have plenty of religion however. What is eating and drinking Jesus? It is agreeing and resting in the fact that Jesus Himself is our life in every way. Just ‘be’ in God and you will ‘be you’ in life and righteousness.


‘Relationship Legalism’ is aptly explained in this quote..

“The non-Trinitarian [separationist] view always puts the burden of relationship back into our lap: “Jesus did His part, but you’ve got to do your part!” The focus ultimately denies Christ’s substitutionary work on our behalf – and instead it becomes “what you do with Jesus” or “how you get to Jesus.” This approach ignores the entire purpose of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ. On the other hand, it can also reduce Jesus to becoming merely a man like us – denying His deity. Painting Him simply as one of many brothers showing us how to climb up to God. He becomes primarily an “example” of what we must do (in our acts of faith or repentance) to reconnect with God. So many see Jesus as the one we must “imitate” (What Would Jesus Do?), rather than our substitute who accomplished all things on our behalf.” (1)

There are religious communities and denominations built on this model. It’s their new testament version of the law. With good intentions we can be graced with droplets of life. By living in the truth of the incarnation – Christ our life we can minister rivers of spirit and life because we live as sons instead of workers. Live in the law because it looks substantial and solid and you will always be smaller spiritually than you are – like the dwarfs in the Last Battle. Live in you inheritance of Christ your life and you will be bigger on the inside than you are on the outside.

(1) Crowder, John. Cosmos Reborn: Happy Theology on the New Creation. Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications - Digital version by Ten10 Ebooks. Kindle Edition.