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Since the cross and Pentecost we have been in a position to be enveloped by the Spirit of Christ. Since the cross and the incarnation – the Kingdom reality of the new covenant age - the trinity can live in all who believe. The companionship of God in His fullness is not far from anyone – even the rebel and the innocent bystander. The way to receive such fullness is through belief. By believing Jesus and doing what He says - namely living from His person - the trinity make their home in us.
Trying to be a good person with Jesus’ help is not the inheritance God has given us. Living as the expression of Christ in us is our living as the branches of His Vine.
We can do better for our sense of self than merely being a church attendee. We are surrounded and indwelt by the Spirit of God. A first step is to believe this and live from it. God has expressed who God is by creating us to share in the being of the trinity. In turn we can share God ourselves and among each other by enjoying the fellowship of other Believers. This is why it is good to be in a community where we actually relate to others rather than in a community that is more of an institution and an abstract rendition of community life. Nevertheless, it’s not about buildings but it is about union with God and with each other.
If you are hooked on Jesus you will have an inner life that is always fresh and spirited.
Some seek Jesus for Himself and who He is. Life. Some seek for union with God with a passion because they realise that in God they are finally home. With God in us, in the fullness of the trinity, home is always where we are. People who live in personal companionship with Jesus will make a more nurturing community for each other than those who live out of an abstraction such as the law, or religion or from some notion like ‘god fearing.’ If we really are afraid of God then its certain that we do not know Him and are in no position to share His life and love with anyone. Words like ‘god-fearing’ can disguise a nominal relationship with God. With Jesus as our life we will never have to lie about the truth or take refuge in religious hallucinations.
It’s fair to say that some go to large churches because it requires little of them other than attendance and money. Such attendance may require little of one’s real self and be incapable of genuinely nurturing a sense of self since it is providing a service for the consumers of religion who are happy to live in dependency. It does little to access the healing of their soul that is available to all who seek it and who make the effort to know a personal Jesus. Nevertheless, there are people at these kinds of churches who are life-givers. But they didn’t get their life from the church. They got it from their Jesus Life – which is not a Christian life so much as a union with God reality.
There’s a lot to be said for living in the truth. The result of living in a lie – the culture of the fall- will kill you just as it is killing the earth.
Jesus lived in the fullness of His Father because He lived in the oneness of their relationship. He and His Father were one. Jesus honoured, trusted and lived entirely out of His Father, empowering us to do the same through living from HIS LIFE.
Jesus lived neither from the law as some say or from any aspect of religion. Both as a human being and the Son of God, He lived from Father. Jesus Christ was the I AM of God and the I AM of Himself. In Jesus we need never construct a false self. Outside of Christ and in religion the construction of the false self is a life work. With Him as our life we live to our design. What David did in part, Jesus did in whole, living entirely and absolutely from His Father. In Jesus we possess His relationship with the trinity.
Had Jesus lived from some lesser entity like the law, He would not be God - the law being superior to Him - He would not be God. The law would be. Thus when we make god and abstraction like the law, we become a wooden facsimile of our real selves. Some Believers live in this aberration, because their culture is tainted by
Arianism and its reduced view of a Jesus Christ – a christ who is not fully God. The subtly of this deceit is that it does not deny Christ. It changes who He is, what He did and cripples us. It’s a false christ.
God is in you because Christ is woven into your being. All aberrant gospels make religion an externality. Whereas in a real Gospel Christ becomes expressed as you because He is in you. We are talking incarnation.
John writes, ‘I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist’ 2 John 1.7 NIV.
Christ’s Spirit wants to come into you just as He came into the world. His desire is to manifest in and through you by His Spirit so that your life is the effect of His. We deny Christ coming in this way (in the flesh) when we tie ourselves to law and laws and insist that holiness and pleasing God is law-keeping. Genuine holiness is oneness with God.
It pays to worship the Christ of God rather than a self-made or ‘false christ.’ A Jesus who lives from the law is just as much a ‘false christ’ as any idol that has become a substitute for the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Many of us have imagined false christs to be demonic figures and occultic entities that are easily identified. Not always. They can be more subtle, originating in the from the mind of people at critical stages of history. They take hold in cultures as doctrines of demons and cunning devised fables. They germinate and take hold – some influencing various sections of the Body of Christ and some becoming denominations.
‘For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect’ Matt 24.24 NIV.