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To understand God and ourselves we must start with God. Lies of the knowledge of good and evil divert us from God to the red herring of ourselves. Start in something not God and we will inevitably pervert god into what He is not and burden ourselves with a gospel that is not His gospel and a christ who is not the real Christ. Here we may belong to the Body but we belong with a wooden leg and a blind eye.


In line with this.. “The first lesson then is to see that the Trinity is essential to the Good News. Far from being an abstract theological principle, the Trinity is utterly important when discussing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The God of the Gospel is the God who freely loves mankind because He is in Himself love from before all time. To begin anywhere else, I believe, would be to error gravely.” (1)

The issue for the recreation of ourselves and the earth is not the law or a great controversy. It’s the triune God engulfing and including us. There is no dualism in the post cross age. But there is oneness with God for all.


This is the error of beginning with the law. The law is an ‘it’ and a dead object. The law and sin consciousness is narcissism. Christ is our life. He is both outside us and part of us.

God is alive and life itself. Life is never separated from persons. Life is life because life is God and a relationship with God. This is why, even with Jesus, we do not have Him supervising or imparting law. We have God imparting Himself in Jesus and Holy Spirit. If we begin with something not God, like the law, we end up blindly separated from God in an ideology or a cult. Here we see through a glass darkly until we walk our way out of the tunnel by utilising the ‘Jesus Lens.’

You have union with God. This is the harvest of the cross. In Jesus you belong in the trinity and the trinity belongs in you. You and Father are one and you are one with yourself, with other and with the creation. One with God by the One Spirit, you are spirit and life.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 2-3). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.