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A Religion, meaning much of Christianity, can have us living in separation from God when the Christian project has been defined as overcoming separation from God through religion and moralism.


We have God in His infinity in us due the incarnation. We get more of God by living in what we have. You have oneness with Christ. More of God is not gotten from ‘More’ Conferences. More comes from Christ in you.

The subtle deceit of religion is that it has us living from a system and culture, when we could be living from the incarnation – which is direct union with Christ. We can sincerely serve God all our lives in separation mode in the illusion that there is more of God on special days or special places. There is more of God when Christ is our life.


We can live in a meagre experience in the fullness of God and getting to live as our real selves when we exist in any kind of separation mentality. WE ARE NOT SEPARATED. There is a marked difference in a school staff-room between one that lives in the incarnation and one that lives in the law. One lives in the joy in which the trinity lives. The other lives in a spirit of judgment and control.

In living in the incarnation the trinity lives as us. There’s no dualism in your relationship with God. You and Father are one. You are one with harmony and joy.


Resist the inverted gospel in notions such as steps to Christ. Christ has taken steps to you. Live in His Communion.

J Baxster Kruger writes of the Christ, “Worthy are you of all honour and glory and life, in this age and in all ages to come. We rest in you. Bless you for finding us in the great darkness, for receiving me and my young son and the whole world into your life with your Father, for giving us your eyes. Worthy, Lord Jesus, are you of the summation of the ages; blessed be your great Name.”

In Jesus we have His life and His eyes.


This post deals with our need to live from the oneness of Father and Son, in order to participate in the oneness that is ours as a result of Christ’s joining of us to Godself in the same way that Jesus the Son is one with His Father. "No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him’ Matt 11.27 NIV. This ‘knowing’ is yours when Christ is you. When is He you? When you believe He is.


The Son is one with the Father as a state of being. The ‘knowing’ cited in the scripture above is a ‘KNOWING’ GROUNDED IN UNION OF BEING OR ‘ONENESS.’ The genius and generosity of God is that in Christ we possess the oneness with God and knowing of God because Christ is our life.


Jesus came to set the captives free. Free from the bondage to separation and self-effort initiated by Adam.

Some communities of faith have never escaped from the law – because they equate it with godliness. But this ‘godliness’ - misguided as it is - does not provide us with peace, generosity of spirit or spirit and life. It can make us bitter or it can provide the illusion of a kind of grace that makes it ok for us to adhere to gospels that are not the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. This is an ‘ignorance is bliss’ kind of ‘grace’.

The law was the mode in which God related to Israel in their state of pre-cross separation. This was the separation precipitated by Adam and the cause of the death of spirit, soul and body that has afflicted the human race until it was brought to a stop in Jesus Christ who ‘made the two one’*.


Satan’s original lie involved the insinuation that Father was less than He appeared and that humans were not enough. The disaster of the fall for our First Parents was that they sought self-improvement (to be like God) in separation. The lie was especially pernicious because they already were like God because they were sons. The sinister genius of this lie was the denying of who they were. Satan’s present ploy is similar. Our union with God achieved by the cross is denied while millions of Believers pursue a union with God that they already possess. They live in the separation called ‘the great darkness’.

When we say that we belong to the Body of Christ but live in the separation of the law we are robbing our ‘belonging’ of substance.


A common deception in separatist ‘knowledge’ is that we live separation when we are not separated. This is the maturing of the seed planted by Satan, thus the question to Jesus Christ, ‘Are you the son of God?’ because Satan wanted to insist that the separation that he had begun would be maintained and not brought to a halt by the Christ who is fully God, drawing all people and all things into Himself – and thus drawing us all into the completeness of the fellowship of God.


Another flowering of the separationist seed came to life in Arianism with the already seeded lie, that Jesus Christ is separated and lesser than the Father. Arianism was an obvious manifestation of the idea. It’s lesser and more subtle manifestations are woven into the cultures of Believers who are still living in the old covenant and the law. Lesser Christ, lesser god, lesser you. ‘Law thinking’ is innately separatist because the ‘knowledge’ of the knowledge of good and evil’- that all law-keepers live in - is a function of Adam produced, separation from God.


Jesus Christ is one substance with God. This is the meaning of the word homoousion.


Stephen Morrison observes, following Torrance and the Nicaean Creed,

“When we take seriously the homoousion, we are baptized in a firm assurance of the goodness and love of God towards us, as Torrance writes definitively: [In the Gospels] he who had seen Jesus had seen the Father, so that there was no ground for anxiety or fear. What the Father is and does, Jesus is and does. And what Jesus is and does, the Father is and does. There is in fact no God behind the back of Jesus, no act of God other than the act of Jesus, no God but the God we see and meet in him. Jesus Christ is the open heart of God, the very love and life of God poured out to redeem humankind, the mighty hand and power of God stretched out to heal and save sinners.


Christ draws all things into Himself: oneness.

By the incarnation this Christ, this Father, this Holy Spirit is woven into your being. This oneness among each member of the trinity is your oneness with God in Christ. Life, holiness and infinite spirit is of persons, is personal and has nothing to do with any abstraction like the law and the postulations of the knowledge of good and evil. Life in God is simply Christ your life as Paul declares.

The issue of the ages is Christ in you. Christ’s life manifest as our life, Christ’s union with God our union with God. Reject false christ’s false gospels and false fathers. You are known and you know in Jesus Christ.

* Made the two one is not just about Jew and Gentile. The deeper scope is estranged humanity and God.

Morrison, Stephen D.. T. F. Torrance in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 2) (pp. 74-75). Beloved Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.