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Thomas Torrance observed that, “Fundamentalism operates with a rigid framework of beliefs which have a transcendent origin .. and as such have an objective pole of reference and control, but these beliefs are not applied in a manner consistent with their dynamic origin and nature.” [They reduce god to words.] 

“Instead of being open to the objective pole of their reference in the continual self-giving of God .. they are given a finality and rigidity in themselves as evangelical beliefs and are clamped down upon Christian experience and interpretation of divine revelation through the Holy Scriptures. Thus, they are endowed with a fixity at the back of the fundamentalist mind, where they are evidently secure from critical questioning, [and a] a divine self-revealing which is identical in its content with the very Being of God himself
.” Fundamentalism explains how one can assure oneself that one belongs to the Body of Christ while at the same time living in a ‘gospel’ that robs the contention of any substance.


Years ago, reading a John Powell book, I learned that we as human beings are not rigid entities but in fact beings who live in a state of continual becoming if we are truly human – at least we do if we have not stagnated in a prison of notional rigidities. Many years later I realised that true human development occurs in a state of becoming, because God is a God of ‘becoming.’

Rick Joyner in his book The Torch and the Sword, states that, God is never static and always on the move, as is Aslan. God is three in one. He is ‘being’. He is always essentially God but never the kind of Unmoved Mover who changes not. God is life – never stagnation leading to death.

Sourced in a law epistemology, fundamentalism is a version of legalism, whose tendency is to make a god out of words and in so doing denying the nature of God.
Fundamentalism is a religion of bits and pieces, of a compartmentalised life and of contradictory positions. It’s hardly a life at all. Because it is ‘the letter’. Paul called it ‘the letter that kills’ because it does. The letter is the fruit of the tree of death – the tree of death and blindness. The life that is ours in God is wholeness. It’s a state of being – the state of being sons/daughters of God. Here we are sons by designation and we do life-giving things because we are part of the heavenly family by birth, by rebirth and by nature. We are with the trinity where there is all life and
no darkness at all.
There is no excuse for being spiritually blind. Even less for being a blind leader of the blind. Spiritual blindness can be caused by the kind of gospel that has attached itself to us like a leech after a walk through a damp forest. If we have been born into ‘another gospel’ that has seen itself as being the vehicle of a ‘special truth’, it is likely that we have been socialised - a polite word for brainwashed - into myths and veils that obscure who God is, what He has done for us and who we are as a result.
All murky thinking,
all veils and religious delusions are removed when Christ is our life.
Every person, whether blessed by sound Christian teaching or benighted by semi-cult like ideas, can personally come out of darkness into the light of God. The over-arching darkness is the delusion that we have the ability to transcend ourselves and undo sin’s separation from God. The associated delusion is that we are separated from God and that the ‘Christian Project’ is to earn union with God through good works. The fact is that
we are one with God and have been since Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ Separation was finished and your location is union with the Holy Family on account of Jesus work – never on account of your work.
The fruit of the cross is that God lives in you and has become part of you. This is the incarnation – the life Hub of the Kingdom of God. Your obedience is to live from this and repent of adding externalities to the incarnation. When you do this, you deny that Christ has come in your flesh, has become part of you and that you are the expression of the trinity. You undo what God has done with ‘other gospels’ and ecclesiastical follies that separate you from God, retaining you in the fall when God has placed you in heavenly places with Himself.
Any kind of separation taught as doctrine is not sound doctrine. We are not separated. God is not somewhere else. He is with us and in us and we have been interwoven with Him by origin and by the at-one-ment achieved by the trinity on our behalf. The one thing that I would like to tell those who think that religion is a relationship with God is that none of the religious ‘stuff’ is required for a life that us fully alive and Godly. God lives in you and has become part of you.
Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.
Coming into the light means coming out of lies into the truth of Jesus and His life for us and with us. The truth about God was revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was it. This is it. There are no additions of subtractions. He is our life. The vicarious humanity of Jesus means that He is all and more than sufficient for all. In every possible way. The great darkness is the insistence on continuing the separation and truncated life that was ours in Adam with Jesus’ help. That’s a perversion of the light and it makes you and your community a non-kingdom of God.
Some communities having been brainwashed in the law have no idea of life in the Spirit. They think it is ‘the gifts’. LIFE IN THE SPIRIT is God’s life as yours. It’s you in the spirit of sonship. The idea that Jesus empowers people to keep the law is one of the most perverse heresies that has ever taken hold on the Body of Christ. Jesus is alive. He lives in you, has woven Himself into your being and lives to express Himself as you in order that you will be a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. Life in the Spirit is you are a son.
The truth is that our Adam is dead in Christ and our new self is alive because we are part of Jesus resurrection. We have an Easter life. When we embrace the truth of the incarnation we have been born again and begun our life in the Spirit. We are not positioned to be filled with the Spirit and act as who we are, The Sons and daughters of God bearing fruit in the Spirit of Sonship.
In His book. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, Baxter Kruger writes,
Each generation must seek him and find him. Only then will we experience the quickening and the life and freedom that our souls crave. Herein lies the crisis point for each generation in the Church. It is only by knowing Jesus that we are set free for life, yet the road to knowing Jesus requires that we acknowledge our baggage and deal with it. We must become aware of our habits of thought and examine our inherited ideas, which have shaped our perception of God. This in itself is painful and costly, but it also runs the risk of exposing the wrongheadedness of cherished notions.”
When we do this we step into the new man and new woman that we are in Christ. We move from Adam to Jesus, from death to re-birth and from religion to the Kingdom of God manifest in our persons. The most powerful manifestation of the Spirit – the one so often hidden in plain sight is that you as yourself are a manifestation of God.
‘For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God’ Rom 8.14 NASB. (1) We are led by the Spirit because Christ is in us, has come in our flesh, is woven into our being and is expressing Himself as George, Dean, Cedrick, Maisie and Joanna.
(1) Fields of tares are those who are not sons of God because they have been ensnared in cunningly devised fables originating with the Enemy. Tares are sons of the evil one not by origin or redemption but because they have chosen to believe in a narrative that came from the spirit of anti-christ.