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The generosity of the life God has given us in Christ is that we participate in God, in the communion that God is. Not an abstraction but fellowship and oneness with the triune being of God. We are hidden in Christ to be revealed as ourselves – not as workers or mere suppliants but as sons/daughters of God who have been drawn into the Family that is God.


But we are not just with God as in standing about here while God is over there somewhere. We are hidden in Christ to be revealed as ourselves, brimming with spirit and life. We are one with God, yet fully ourselves just as each member of the trinity is part of the other yet uniquely themselves. The Being of God is the Template of our life. Thus, we possess our being in God and not the knowledge of good and evil and the law.


The union we have with God is called perichoresis. Myk Habets following Torrance explains that “Perichoresis is not a union of identity but ‘a real sharing in the union of the incarnate Son with the Father, through a sharing not only in his human nature but in the life and love of God embodied in him’. The end or goal of union with Christ is thus to participate in the Divine life by being lifted up into a perichoretic union.” (1) To participate in the Divine Nature is not only to enjoy the companionship of God but to be enfolded into un-adulterated life itself. The Bottom line is that life is the Being of God.


Life is not just an entity or a generality. Ultimately life is Jesus and more. Life is our oneness with the triune God who is ultimate Person. Life flows from Christ because it is Christ. This life of God welling up in us is spirit and life – the distinctive characteristic of the Kingdom God as compared to the kingdom of religion – the parallel universe that is near Christ but not of Him.

Joined to Christ we become sons in spirit and in truth. As sons and daughters we begin to live as a manifestation of the Father. His spirit manifests as our flesh, which is to say that we in our individuality become sons of God in spirit and in truth.

(1) Habets Myk, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, p.108.