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The Gospel of Jesus, John and Paul is not well known in Christian circles. If people are not hearing that Christ is our life they are being short changed by deficient teaching.


The new creation advances slowly because so much of what we do as Christians is not new creation life. Good deeds and good morals are ok but not the inheritance Jesus left us. He bequeathed us Himself as us.

When it is asserted that Christianity is not a religion but a person, it is exactly Him. Jesus multiplied in us. Don’t dilute this to mean Jesus’ Religion multiplied in us because Jesus is not among us now to multiply religion. He is here and in you to multiply Himself. It’s Jesus incarnated as Jill and John.


Just so we know - the new creation is Jesus expressed and manifest as us. Not us manifesting Jesus’ religion. The difference is between being a spiritually alive and spiritually dead. Christ in us makes us one with the trinity, one with God’s life and being. Oneness with religion makes us one with an abstraction. We may as well be one with cardboard boxes.

One with God we impart spirit and life to all our externalities.

We need not be glued to the Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil, a belief system, intellectualised religion or semi-asceticism. Our new testament inheritance is simply Christ as you, the triune God as us all.


Some Believers have made an entire denomination out of a life in the law. The logic here is pretty straightforward. Once it is assumed that the law is the decisive issue of the ages, all talk of life in the Spirit is likely to be regarded as specious, a cop-out, a ploy of the Enemy, cheap grace or emotionalism. But Christ our life is the law of the spirit of life.

The result of these rationalisations is as follows. The cross is negated, the new covenant is becomes the old covenant reinvented, and Christ is made the Champion of the Law when He is actually the champion of Himself as us.


In this necro-mongering interpretation the incarnation is robbed of vitality and belongingness in the Body is reduced to words. Thus these realities become a shadow of what they really are: Christ come in the flesh of Believers. Believers becoming the manifestation of the triune God.

Scripture clearly speaks of the non-relevance of the law as in

1. ‘I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!"

2. The ‘The law is a shadow but the reality is Christ.’

3. We have been given the righteousness of God APART FROM THE LAW.

Nevertheless, captivity to the law is rationalised with fictions such as ‘Scripture must be talking figuratively’. There is an appalling woodenness among law-keepers even when they get the gifts of the Spirit. Woodenness because they have cut themselves off from the spirit and life that would be theirs if Jesus was them. Of course they are not bereft of God. They exude drops of grace when they could be irrigating themselves and others with rivers of spirit and life.


In His latest book, Rick Joyner writes, “The creation is travailing for the manifestation of the new creation to retake its place over the earth and to be restored again to what it was created to be. What The King did was for the whole world, and what you are doing by following Him is for the whole world as well.” (1) But Following Him is not following a religion made out of Jesus’ Stuff. Following Jesus is being one with Him and One with our Father and Hoy Spirit. Obedience is living in what we have. Rick Joyner continues,

“There is no wisdom greater than the cross. Those who walk in wisdom are those who take up their cross. The King has conquered death, and if you follow Him you will conquer the death in this valley. If you stop following Him to take any other path, this valley will devour you.” (2)

Death devours all who substitute Christ our life for other gospels and deviant christs. Life abounds in all for whom Christ is life. Incarnated with the trinity they are alive and not dead in the letter that kills.

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