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‘Till we have faces’ is a title by C. S Lewis. He was alluding to the real identity we receive when Christ is our life. Richard Rohr calls it the emergence of the Real Self. Lewis in another place writes that until we are grounded in the being of God, we have no substance and occupy the scene as ghosts of our real selves. But you have substance in Christ.

People can live their entire lives in the religion of Christ without realising that Christ could have been their life. We are talking non-dualism.

We can live as phantoms of ourselves or we can live as sons of God who are life-giving spirits. The myriad clacking torsos in the Valley of Dry Bones can be seen as the rudimentary humanity that is ours when we live in the law instead of the Spirit. ‘The Spirit’ is shorthand for living in God – which is the way we started out before the fall into separation and the illusion of emulating God through separation. This was the deceit that precipitated the fall and the conceit that prevents us living in our deliverance from it.

Note well: ‘In the Spirit’ does not refer to living in the things of God. It means being one with God as in the person of God and ourselves being interwoven.’ ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is ours when we realize and live in it.


Since God is three, He can be fellowshipped with. Since God is spirit His being can enter ours. Since Christ came in the flesh and died in the flesh and rose in the flesh He is able to live in us by the Spirit – so that He too comes in our flesh and we radiate His spirit and life. There is a lot in ‘Christ come in our flesh.’ It refers to the incarnation. It is an expression of life in the Spirit. It is new covenant reality and it is the means by which heaven comes to earth – IN YOU! You can do better than invade earth with miracles of healing. You can be a manifestation of the trinity where you are. This is heaven come to earth – the new creation erupting through you.


The rudimentary view of godliness is doing good things and avoiding the bad things – as religionists are not tired of warning us: Sin is the transgression of the law. It’s not actually. Sin is separation from God. This separation leads to the perversion of our nature through our attempts to be as gods. The result is the degradation of our ideas of God and of our ourselves.


Striking up a repertoire of good deeds and stepping carefully around bad ones is not entirely unworthy. It’s just that it’s not Godly. It’s union with God and being part of Him and He part of us that is Godly. For this reason godliness is not found in wearing burkas and keeping Sabbaths. Godliness occurs because Christ lives in us and more: Because the trinity pervades our being and becomes our living.

This is a quote from J Baxter Kruger’s Patmos. “ Jesus has united human life, the life of God and the life of heaven and earth in Himself.” This statement of truth comes from the book of John and has to be one of the most telling witnesses to what God accomplished in Christ ever. In one blow it extinguishes the religiosity of ‘let’s all do the knowledge of good and evil with Jesus’ help.’ In one fell swoop Moses and law-mongering is hit for a six and life, love, wholeness and holiness are seen for what they are: The union of heaven and earth in Jesus.


What is the new covenant? It is Christ multiplied in you and George and Sinbad – and all who believe in Jesus’ name. This is why something so simple as CHRIST IN YOU really is the hope and actuality of glory.

So what to do. We can live in the Spirit or the illusion that we are in the Spirit, because we have bolted the gifts onto our old covenant mindset – to which like Tony Abbot we have an obstinate attachment because it is old, it is ours and is our (pseudo) identity. It may not be the crucifying of Jesus anew – but its humbug means the suffocation of most of what Jesus accomplished on the altar of OUR RELIGIOSITY.