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You might be surprised how many folks talk grace and live legalism. Paul’s words, ‘Christ your life’ are about all life, and fundamentally about this life. ‘Life to the full’ which is ours in Jesus is not about religious compartments. It’s about an everyday life in God and with God. Why is this so important? Because if this is not our life we are not alive in our spirit and soul.

Holiness is not a compartment. It’s Christ in you. But not in you in some compartment. In you in your everyday life. When the Son of God was incarnated among us and when He walked about the dusty roads of Palestine, He was anointing the ordinary with the presence of God. When Jesus cried, ‘It is finished!’ on the cross, all notions of a Religious Bubble were finished. The Christ who walked in Palestine is the Christ who walks in you each day. The cool thing is that by the Spirit Jesus is expressed as you and Bill and Mavis.

Before the fall Adam and Eve lived a Sabbath life of enjoyable fellowship with God. Sabbath means peace joy and union with God. The plan of salvation, established before creation is not God doing the best with a botched job. The plan from the beginning was that Christ would become the new Adam who would initiate the new creation. The new creation that would result from our interwoveness with God – all accomplished from the enterprise of the trinity.

Today you have this Sabbath life – never an externality or something you put on like a rain coat. But a Sabbath life that is in you and part of you. It is you. Francois Du Toit writes on Facebook,


“The object of New Testament ministry is not to get people to go to heaven one day! It is the unveiling of the most attractive life possible, the life of our design redeemed again. Now to be enjoyed in an immediate, intimate, daily, constant, conscious feedback encounter with the Living God in Spirit and in truth and undiluted friendship with our fellow man.”


This life is in you and this life is you. Courtesy of the son of God and the incarnation you are life. Live from the law or from religion and make a piety out of separation and your bid to undo it (when it’s already undone) and you will deplete yourself. You will live in the futility of exuding drops of life when you could have been a living river of spirit and life. The sad thing about the spiritually un-alive is that they do not know that their spirit is dead. But Jesus excels in resurrection and undoing every kind of blindness and death.


“Jesus comes in the incarnation to lift us up from out of our brokenness and into His wholeness. He comes to shine the light of His truth into the darkness of our alienation. He comes to find us, to know us, and to lift us up into the fellowship of love that has existed from all eternity. He comes to bring us home, to include us into His Trinitarian life. The most stunning news in the universe is that God has included us into His life of love, fellowship, joy, acceptance, and light. We have been included in the Trinitarian relationship. From within our existence God has reached us and He has brought us home where we belong.” (1)

You are included already. Included in spirit and truth if you believe you are. Jesus urged, ‘Only believe.’

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 62). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.