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The Bible contains a whole book about wisdom. Jesus has been called Wisdom in person. Since the cross we have been interwoven with God, so we have the capacity for more wisdom than any pre-cross patriarch. Acts tells of leaders of the church who were full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Yet Holy Spirit and the gifts are not something we carry in a back-pack as in a compartment separate to ourselves. As part of us they function as they were meant to. True gifting is an expression of God in you.


The essence of Godliness is incarnation.+ The is the melding of us and God, yet with each of us remaining separate entities. God as Father and we as daughters and sons. So wisdom and spiritual discernment are not just a function of the gifts. They are a function of you as a daughter and a son. In order to have an accurate facility in words and prophecy we need to be living the incarnation or more correctly HAVE THE INCARNATION LIVING US. Unfortunately, not a few who prophesy have little discernment because they live largely in separation mode. Results in this mode can vary from muted truth to complete nonsense. *

The Spirit of Wisdom is dependent on what She has to work with. If we are alert, interested in life, observant and delight in understanding we can expect to be of benefit to Jesus and to others. If not we will be a hindrance and what the Bible calls a stumbling block. We are better to be closed minded about nothing rather than closed minded about things that we have already made up our minds ab0ut - whether these things are g0od or bad. Open-mindedness grows understanding.

Paradoxically open-mindedness equips us to say no to nonsense.


“The great teachers are saying that you cannot start seeing or understanding anything if you start with “No.” You have to start with a “Yes” of basic acceptance, which means not too quickly labelling, analysing, or categorizing things in or out, good or bad. You have to leave the field open. The ego seems to strengthen itself by constriction, by being against, or by re-action, and it feels loss or fear when it opens up. Spiritual teachers want you to live by positive action, open field, and conscious understanding, and not by resistance, knee-jerk reactions, or defensiveness.” (1)


We can deceive ourselves if we are not alert. It’s quite easy to style ourselves as open-minded about things when imprisoned in view that have had since our childhood.

We can adopt this liberal persona like our favourite hat. Yet we close our minds to the new covenant and the infinite of potential in the new creation. As a result we have a notional view of life in the Spirit but not the reality. So we make do with an anaesthetised life in the Spirit for the rest of our lives with a stunted inheritance, truncated sonship, limited anointing and a fantasy life in the Spirit.

Attached to the law we are not in the Spirit.

“Once you have learned to say a fundamental yes, later no’s can be helpful and even necessary: without them, you have no protected boundaries or identity.” (2)

+ Here God in us is expressed AS US by the Spirit

* Separation Mode – Living in the old covenant mindset

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