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I read this in The Melbourne Age. It’s an account of the response of Carers to agonised people caught up in the White Island volcanic eruption in New Zealand. “Lillani triages the patients and they cut off the victims' clothes, replacing them with their own to keep them warm. They're burnt but cold; in shock, drifting in and out of consciousness. They pour water on the burns. When the water runs out, Lillani holds a screaming man's hand and sings.”

Whether Lillani was a Believer or not, she was channelling the Motherhood of God. My mum used to sing to us every night in the garage that we lived in following my Dad’s death. Mums sing peace and healing. Your peace and healing belongs to you in God courtesy of Jesus Christ.


To remain unhealed in the face of universally available healing of the soul is a great tragedy. To be unhealed is to not be one’s real self – which leads us to adopt beliefs, devices, doctrine and modes of the self that are not actually us – but masks that we hope will help us pass for a person who is acceptable to ourselves and to God. Consequently we remain ill in our soul.


To approach God through the law is to seek to know Him by something that is much less than Himself, because God is not an abstraction but deeply personal, being the Father and Mother of all that is personal, human and real. This is how God gets to be known as ‘love’ rather than god a who is some rendition of Moses laws or the religious rules of the ‘churchists’.


Absorbed in a legal god we cannot know God as God is. Neither can we know ourselves and we cannot know life in any depth. Worse still e are substantially unhealed and insulated from our own healing by our own view of God and His relation to us. This explains why legalism and law-based religion is so pernicious. It’s destructive of wholeness, it hollows out real holiness leaving piety in its place.


Physical healing is a sign. Jesus used it to advertise the healing He offers to all in His person. This healing is the healing of our relationship with God, with ourselves and with each other. Charisma and gifts of healing on their own are not the whole story. The whole story is that all have been drawn by Jesus into fellowship with God to receive a healed life. Bruce Wauchope MD writes,


Jesus is at the core of all our being and he is beyond all.  As he is in the deepest parts of us, he is able to share what he knows of his Father with us behind our defences and beyond our volitional attempts to heal ourselves. Jesus’ freedom to meet us in our darkness with his own knowledge of his Father is the heart of [the gospel]. Jesus Christ is not a doctrine, but a person who knows his Father. If this trinitarian-incarnational understanding/revelation becomes only a doctrine, that would be a tragedy of the most serious proportions.  We would be left with ourselves and another empty theological trend.” (1)

Your relationship with God is not a position or a bunch of words. If you have been raised in legalism you may unconsciously think that it is. But it is not. Jesus has achieved a relationship with you like His relationship with His Father and Holy Spirit. You are in A STATE OF BEING. You have been drawn into this fellowship. Your Adamic separation has been undone and your Mosaic shrunken soul has been reversed. You are proceeding from glory to glory.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness . Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.