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In His book Patmos, Baxter Kruger addressed the problem of the false christ. Many of us are accustomed to see this as some occult manifestation. Maybe it can be at times. But more often it is the construction of our own minds and the religious teaching that we have experienced.


It's a wonderful advantage to see Jesus though Jesus' eyes. This occurs easily when Christ is our life and is but a step away if we are yet to emerge from the chrysalis of the old covenant into the light of our born again union with God.

When we see Jesus through the 'I AM' of God, we begin to see Jesus as He is and not as our wounded souls have imagined Him. The effect of this is that we get to know Father as He is and ourselves as the sons/daughters we actually are. This is one of the ways that we get to walk in reality of our Christ-life rather than in the shadows of religion.


Jesus is new and living. Jesus is not seen as He is through the head, through the law or through religion. He can only be known through His self-revelation to us by His Spirit - and then only if we are willing to lay down our accumulated suppositions in exchange for His continuing revelation of Himself and His Way. The subtlety of the religious delusion is that it denies to us that we are in it.

‘Their minds were made dull, for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away’ 2 Cor 3.14 NIV.

False christ’s result from misguided cultures, false gospels and the doctrines of demons. The latter are strongholds of belief masquerading as inspired thought.

False Christs are more subtle than we have imagined and can be adhered to by nice people, not just cultists and pagans. Nice people can love Jesus, yet be affixed to a concept of Him that is distorted and not the real Jesus but a construct of their own and the culture in which they have been raised. Legalism and a law-culture produces a false christ. Christ come in our flesh is the life of God in us. The flesh come as a christ of the law is the anti-christ spirit undoing our inheritance.


For us as people much of ‘knowing God’ is to permit Jesus to undo lies about God.

To know Jesus as He is, we must have but one loyalty. This is a loyalty that is exclusive of community and institution and the beliefs of our parents. This is our unconditional commitment to the son of man as our Lord and Mentor. Here the pure in heart progress into knowing God as God is. The double minded flounder in mistaken ideas and a blunted self.

Since the cross none are separated from God. Since the cross union with God need not be earned by any kind of jumping through hoops. Your union with God is a gift and a fact AND IS PRIOR TO ANYTHING YOU DO. There is one thing to do however. It’s accept Christ’s invitation to join Him in His life and agree with Him that He is entirely your life in regard to your inclusion in God and your becoming as a son/daughter of God.

Unlearn the illusion of separation and learn to live in the union you already possess. One of the curiosities of convoluted belief is that many who claim their position in the body of Christ, live from the law that is separation from God. The core of belonging to Christ is the consummate oneness with God that is ours signalled by the words, ‘I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one’ John 17.22 NIV. This glory that Christ has given us is this oneness that the trinity enjoy as the Holy Family.


Reject the oft cited fiction of 'keeping close to Jesus' - itself an effect of the assumed Christian curriculum of separationism taught as sound doctrine. It’s not about receiving Jesus into your life. It’s about living in His Reality: The reality that you have been received into His life.

You have been made one with Him. Already. The spiritual person lives from this. The religious person from assumed separation. There’s no yes and no here. Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit are in you and with y0u. You are never an orphan - not even in your sin. So live from where He has placed you. In Him and His fellowship of the trinity. This is real obedience and real life.


In his book
Patmos, J Baxter Kruger writes, "Without Jesus you would only have what you do and do not see - imprisoned by your feelings, or lack of them, lost in your head. As we discover Jesus in us, we are given a way to change our minds and our feelings. With our 'Amen' to Jesus comes freedom to live from his 'I Am' from here," he said, pointing to his heart with one hand and placing the other on mine. " Living from Jesus' faith, from his 'I Am' gives us confidence to tum toward our Father. When we see the Father through Jesus' eyes, we experience life-eternal life."

The attempt to live from the law presents a huge distortion of Jesus – and of us. An attachment to false christs is not only the plight of stubborn and legalistic people. It can be the condition of good Christian people, with many graces, who have been conditioned to receive distortions as truth by tradition and distorted monster gospels that are more a half-life than fullness of life.


A casual attitude to gospel truth or a belief that we are entitled to ‘our truth’ results in masses of people being captured in a state of disability.

Rightly interpret the word of truth.

Satan's original ploy was to impugn the nature of God. So what's changed? Nothing. His strategy now is to distort the nature of Jesus and twist the simplicity of the gospel. In doing so he degrades you and produces distorted communities of distorted Christ’s. But He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Jesus is both life and light. He will be the light of all who are desperate and humble enough to receive Him as He is.

*Separationism is a version of the original lie re-invented as ‘christianity.’