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I was amused when I read that ‘fundamentalists think they speak for God,’ but relieved also that God is not as narrow-minded as some and that He wishes to give fundamentalists all of Himself. We can do better as sons of God than acting as purveyors of words about God.


At the same time God is not so broad-minded that God wants us to believe anything. The practice of believing what you want and calling ignorance ‘common sense’ is seen in populist movements around the world today. Someone has said ‘Common sense is all the crap ideas you have absorbed by the time you are eighteen.’


There are those who think we can craft our own gospels and belong to the Body of Christ. Well yes and no. Not if this makes ‘the body’ more of a Frankenstein than the manifestation of Jesus, which is what Paul was getting at when he spoke of ‘this body of death’ on the one hand and ‘Christ our life’ on the other.

The difference between old covenant and new is incarnation. The difference between law and spirit is death and life.

It’s easy to be addicted to our own ideas, particularly when our socialisation has had more in common with brainwashing than a liberal education. Even when we have not confined ourselves to the cage of denominationally defined truth - we are subject to the
social construction of reality, which should alert us to the need to have a criteria of objectivity as well as a passion for evidence based knowledge. Those who don’t are overcome by inertia and eventually become dormant. Or like Trump disciples they embrace absurdity as a way of life.


Richard Rohr observes that, “
Each of us has put together a construct by which we explain why what we do is necessary and good. That is why it is so necessary to “discern the spirits” (1 Cor. 12:10). We need support in unmasking our false self and in distancing ourselves from our illusions.” (1) The illusion of anti-christ is that Christ has come in the law. The revelation of the Spirit of truth is that Christ has come in our flesh.


Unfortunately Bible-believing believers can be deluded, because they have patched together, sometimes with ‘prophetic’ help, a ‘gospel’ from unrelated scriptures – a gospel that bears little relation to the gospel of the kingdom as enunciated by Jesus, John and Paul and a gospel that Paul would have no hesitation in describing as ‘another gospel’ to be avoided like the plague.


Incarnation is the key and spirit is life. We are in danger of dehumanising the Bible and turning it from the word of God into the dead letter of man when we treat the words of God as if they are God.

The word of God came among us as Jesus Christ. Sons of God in the Kingdom of God are the expression of Christ their life.

Jesus is the word of God according to the Bible. It’s because of Christ in us that we can possess a mindset unpolluted by doctrines of demons and the mind of Christ vibrant with revelation and sharp discernment. This is the spiritual discernment that distinguishes between flesh and Kingdom and ‘other gospels’ and Christ’s gospel.

The Word cited in Hebrews is primarily the Living Word who is Christ. Persons powerful in discernment between religion and spirituality are living words because they are the expression of Christ. Religion, law and any lens not Christ fogs our vision and dulls our gaze.


It’s the Spirit who leads us into all truth. This is the Spirit of Christ that accompanies the wise and the teachable. The word of God has always been the Spirit of God manifesting in men and women of God.

Truth comes from the Holy Spirit, from the Bible and the people of God, for whom Christ is life – from those who live in the Spirit of God and not in the dulling encumbrances of the letter, the law and religion. The Bible never came from an ‘inspired book’ or gold plates of pure inspiration dug up from the earth. The Bible was formed out of incarnated oral tradition, repeated, purified and perfected over time until we have the ‘all scripture that was given by inspiration of God’.

But the word of God is the person of Jesus Christ as indicated in Hebrews, ‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ Heb 4.12 NIV.

When Christ is our life we are resting in His Being. Formed in Him we are moulded through life as our true selves until the culmination of us is realised in the New Earth. But we need not wait for pie in the sky. We can advance in the adventure of becoming ourselves in Christ every day. The Messiah sanctified everyday life by walking in and being in it. The Christ sanctifies and ignites your ordinary affairs so that they are not ordinary – but always a recipient of your spirit and life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. What the Mystics Know: Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self . The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.