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Leanne Payne wrote an excellent book entitled ‘Real Presence.’ In the age since the cross all have had the privilege to live in the real presence of the trinity. For most this has been a possibility. For some this has been the reality that is Christ – Christ not only as a religious construct but a present and real Christ who has lived in them and imbued them with His life. The mediation of Christ is mediated because Christ is incarnated in us. We are incarnated when we believe we are and live in oneness rather than in the externalities of the law, religion and moralism. Morals are great when Christ is our life. Not when we think they are the pre-requisite to oneness with Jesus.

Trinity denial is often associated with legalism. A survey of oneness Pentecostalism reveal and embedded legalism. This is not surprising if God is thought of as an unmoved and mover and a personified law. But. God as trinity is Persons that are as far from an abstraction as one can get.

‘Law-gospels’ are innately separatist being a version of the knowledge of good and evil. Obsessed with ‘doing’ in a drive to ‘be as god,’ they retain us in the lie that Adam bought where one eschews the union one already has with God to go it alone and ‘get godly.’

The prize of Jesus’ cross is that His followers become one with God as He is one with His Father (John 17.22).


Christ your life is a state of being that cannot be emulated by religion. It’s an incarnation. Christ is in you to express Himself as you. Many have been short-changed in that they have lived in the many externalities that are religion. The expression of the trinity today is not some institution. Nor is it one of our ecclesiastical habits. The expression and the fullness of the God-Head bodily today is you. (We are not deity but we are sons)


I was listening to a religious programme this morning when a guest mentioned the several sacraments of the church. Firstly in this age of the incarnation the chief sacrament is you and your life as the manifestation of Christ. In a word this is oneness. The Lord’s Table is a celebration and a reminder that real life is Christ in us and as us.


There is one mediator between us and God. The trinity lives in you. Since Christ is your life, you are a ‘christ’ to the environment in which you live. There is one mediator between God and ourselves – the man Christ Jesus. He is the number one Mediator. But because ‘Christ is in you,’ you mediate Him to the world. This mediation is never found in rites and institutions. It flows from you.

Don’t insulate yourself from the oneness with Christ that is yours by layers of religion or by the law. A pernicious heresy exists in the form of the belief that Christ lives to help you keep the law. Not so. He lives to replicate Himself as you in everyday life. Don’t insulate yourself from oneness with God by bad doctrine and partisan humbug.


Your relationship and daily activities of the most ordinary kind are sacramental. This is to say, the things you do are an opportunity for God to be expressed in them through you. You and your day can be a sacrament because God is part of you and you are part of God.

You are genuinely blended with God TO BE YOU, in the Spirit of Sonship.


This is the reasoning behind the delightful truth of, ‘The God of Pots and Pans.’ Brother Lawrence and you are not striving here to dutifully carry out some boring task. Whether the task is boring or exhilarating, you are filling the space and touching the people with the real presence of God. Brother Lawrence urged that we be intentional about this because it is real, and it happens when we step into the reality that is Christ and the trinity.


Donald Trump has fabricated a self-made reality for himself. As a result truth appears to him as lies. This man is at present the most prominent and worst example of futility. Unfortunately, reality for us, is what we believe in. Believe a lie and we will live a lie. Believe the truth and we will be the truth filled with spirit and life. Jesus planned that we realise the truth of our interwoveness with the fullness of God so that we could live in the fullness of ourselves. But we must ‘realize’ it and step into it because we create the reality in which we live.


‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.’ John 14.20.


Richard Rohr observes, that unless we are present before the Presence, there is no Real Presence for us. He says Presence, like all true prayer—like Trinity itself—is all about “interface knowing.” This is to say that, in knowing who God is face to face with Jesus we increasingly know who we are and engage life in the things we are meant to be doing as ourselves. This is living in reality and being a real person and real Life-Giver.


Often, if caught up in mere religion we can find ourselves doing what God never meant for us to do because those in charge do not have an interface knowing of God, of themselves or other people. They have a following but they are not spiritual leaders.

A face to face relationship with Jesus will reveal God to you, unravel your true self and release you from the bothersome predicament of being drawn into other people’s Ishmael’s.


In Jesus you are in your Father as a true son, ‘ You are Peter, George or Cynthia, not someone else. You will know yourself in the perichoresis of oneness with Father. This comes from living in the mind of Christ and not some aberrant gospel.


Any real relationship with God is personal. David foreshadowed this. Jesus lived personally out of His Father, which accounted not only for the purity of His sonship but the authority in which He ministered. In this face to face relationship with His Father He did only what on Father’s heart and did it in a way that was truly Himself. Jesus was the expression of His Father which gave glory to God and was the glory of Himself. You have this glory in oneness with God.


The new testament is not the old testament rejigged. It’s Christ our life. Reject the heresy of the law and live in the oneness that is Christ in you and as you.

Rohr observes that in being our real selves we come into our glory. ‘All things give glory to God just by being what they are.’ He continues, ‘There’s only one species that resists being what it is, and that’s us. Ironically, we’re resisting our own happiness. This is God’s suffering: that the one species whom God gave free will to has used it to say no to itself, and thus no to most other things, too. This is negative mirroring … I want to say this as strongly as I can: If you’re caught up in these numbing-out schemes, you’re missing the core message of the gospel.’ (1)

Some Christians live out their lives in mind-numbing, soul crippling schemes because the identity they think they have in their inherited beliefs is more important to them than their identity in Christ. They tell themselves that this is the same thing. But it’s a lie. We have one husband and cannot serve two masters. We are either a son of God or a tare.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 3219-3233). SPCK. Kindle Edition.