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Naming ourselves as Christians and asserting that we belong to the Body of Christ may be descriptive but may not always have a lot of content. Keep in mind that Paul allowed that circumcision had value only when it involved the heart. Similarly ‘belonging’ as a Christian has value when it is a state of being rather than an assertion involving a proof text.


We are not one with our wives because we have a marriage certificate. We are one with our wives because our marriage has been consummated. Union with God is ours when Christ is our life. As the wife of Christ we are one flesh with Him. We came out of Jesus’ side as the New Eve. Here we are talking real oneness as distinct from notional oneness by the law or stating of a position. We are talking incarnation. If we are one with the law we are not one with Christ and as Paul warns, in this position Christ died for nothing as far as we are concerned. Thus it is possible to have the husk of Christianity without the reality.

Anyone can have the reality of Christ simply by agreeing with God that Christ has made us one with God and that God lives in us to the extent that God has woven Himself into our being. Thus a person and a church that is alive with spirit and life is one that is incarnated with the fullness of God because they live in this belief. Frank Viola observes, “An organic church is a group of people who are learning to live by the indwelling life of Christ together, who are sharing that life together, and who are displaying that life together. And we’re right back to the eternal purpose.” (1)

(1) Viola, Frank. Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew. Present Testimony Ministry. Kindle Edition.