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Adam was seduced into the lie that one could be like God in separation from God. Separation is the soil from which that culture called
the knowledge of good and evil grows. The mental framework that infected the spiritual knowledge of God, of the self and society comes from this tree – the artificial disjunction of being that became ours due to the separation that came to us, along with its mindset of separation from the lie. Separation as a state of being and as a fact is the essence of the fall.


As a result of the lie, dualism became an accepted mode of thinking in secular society and in religion – except in the more enlightened non-western forms of religion. It’s as though God preserved this truth in religious forms that were not precisely His.

Many Christians today live in dualism as the norm and do so because they have never seen the truth of the incarnation much less lived in it. As a result spiritual gifts and assorted righteousness are seen as separate entities rather than the expression of Christ in us and as us. We need to be clear. The anointing, the gifts and healing are not the foundation of life in God. Union and incarnation is this foundation. This does not side-line them. But it does mean that they must be rooted in the new covenant and not bolted on to the ancient engine of the old covenant.


The undoing of the separation between God and ourselves is the single greatest achievement of the ministry of Christ, His cross, His resurrection and the outpouring of Holy Spirit. Thus Paul exalts in the fact that
Jesus lives to draw all things into Himself. Such ‘oneness’ is remarkable in that all things are realised to be sourced in God and are part of His being – yet distinct and unique as themselves. This is the meaning of, perichoresis in which we share in the being of God yet are distinctly and uniquely ourselves. Here is the nature of incarnation: Union with God, union with self and union with creation.


Christ is in us and also manifests as us. Baxster Kruger who has written much on the topic observes,
Reading the early Church Fathers always jerks me out of our Western deistic legalism back into the relational world of sharing in Jesus’ relationship with his Father and in his anointing in the Holy Spirit. Mark it well sisters and brothers, Jesus became human to share with us nothing less than himself and all that he is and has with his Father and the Holy Spirit. Only the blessed Trinity could dream of such a gift. And only the Father’s Son incarnate, anointed with the Holy Spirit himself without measure could make such a dream a living reality.

This is Baxter’s quote from Irenaeus “
Therefore, as I have already said, He caused man (human nature) to cleave to and to become one with God. For unless man had overcome the enemy of man, the enemy would not have been legitimately vanquished. And again: unless it had been God who had freely given salvation, we could never have possessed it securely. And unless man had been joined to God, he could never have become a partaker of incorruptibility. For it was incumbent upon the Mediator between God and men, by His relationship to both, to bring both into friendship and concord, and present man to God, while He revealed God to man. For, in what way, could we be partakers of the adoption of sons, unless we had received from Him through the Son that fellowship, which refers to Himself, unless His Word, having been made flesh, had entered into communion with us? Wherefore also He passed through every stage of life, restoring to all communion with God” (Against the Heresies, III.18.7).

In Jesus we and the creation have been made one with God and joined in a union that exceeds pre-fall oneness. God and humans have been woven together by God and in God’s Christ.

The living of a compartmentalised life as in sacred and secular, the calving up of times and spaces into holy and unholy misses the point of the cross, the atonement and the incarnation. It leaves us in religion when we have been given direct union with God. But as we see in the tussle between Dan Andrews and Scott Morrison – there are those who back life and those who back vested interests.


The assumption of separation from God in this age is misguided and ultimately un-Godly. Jesus has drawn all things into Himself and is drawing them into Himself through you and I. This is why its importance for us to be alive in His Being not seeking to honour Him in our own version of the knowledge of good and evil which is innately bisected. Attempting to be the body of Christ while living in compartmentalisation and separation is a convoluted illusion that Jesus can divest us of. If we are teachable.


Separation is undone. Dualism is no more. There is no dichotomy between sacred and secular. You and Father are always one. In Christ you are one with creation. Hanging out the washing is just as sacred as being in church because God is in you and with you at all times and in all places.

You make places and situations sacred by the mindset you take into them.

Thus while heaven might invade earth through miracles and signs heaven is not joined to earth through these. Heaven and earth are joined by the cross which is the at-one-ment of the God and ourselves.


The implementation of the at-one-ment, is called the new covenant. The actualisation of the new covenant is the incarnation. To speak of life in the Spirit and the anointing minus the incarnation practiced as our reality, decapitates life in the Spirit, leaving it rootless and void of sustenance.


What of the law? Why would you need the law when you are a burning bush manifesting the trinity – meaning that God is in you and is becoming you in continuity? The incarnation undoes separation of man and God, extinguishes notions of sacred and secular and gives all mankind oneness of life with God. Jesus and Father are one. You are one with Father in the oneness of Jesus if you believe you are. If you don’t you are the man who left His treasure in the ground saying ‘You are a hard man, reaping where you did not sow.’ All Godliness, all eternal life, all infinite life in the present, all living that is alive and not dead folks walking is Christ our life.