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The revelation of the ‘I AM’ of Christ comes from within from rightly interpreting the word of truth and from the Body of Christ.

‘Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of thing’ 2 Peter 1.20 NIV. Christ’s gospel is a prophetic program that reveals the real you. It’s not of any sectional interpretation or prophetic mangling. Truth heals people – particularly the truth of Christ.


Healing in the Kingdom sense is not only of the limbs or ears. It’s about the healing of our false self. Our real self is seen in the Mirror who is Jesus. False versions of the self are the product of ‘other gospels’ and false christs. Our ability to be our real selves depends on who we think we are. The answer to this question depends on who we think God is - since He is the source of our being. If we are Believers, who we think we are, will also be conditioned on what we think God did for us. And who we can become in the result of the cross.

The effect of the cross is not only Christ in you. It is His Spirit as you.


If for us the results of the cross are only about acquittal and salvation, we will have missed most of our inheritance. If we are living in an imagined ability to live from the law with Jesus’ help we will become a different person to one who believes she has been reborn as a unique expression of Jesus.

An expression of
Jesus as you is not the law expressed as you with Jesus help. It is Jesus as you by the Spirit. Christ’s Spirit manifests as your flesh. This life in the Spirit.


Jesus was never an expression of the law. He was the expression of His Father. In Jesus so are you. You were birthed from the trinity and reborn in Jesus to achieve fullness as a daughter or a son. Never to be an


Years ago, I read a book by psychologist/theologian
John Powell. He asserted that as humans we were not a solidified and static object (like Lot’s wife). Our true humanity was revealed in our constant and continuing ‘becoming.’ Human beings, he asserted, are meant to live in a state of becoming – or not - we may add. A congealed mind will lead to a congealed self. Powell wrote another excellent book whose enlightening contents are revealed by the title, ‘Fully Human, Fully Alive.’ This is what Jesus came to give us. This is what we have when He is our life: Life to the full.


It is the consistent intention of these posts to assert that we become fully human and fully alive when Christ is our life. Not Christ plus or Christ diluted. But Christ all and in all. Jesus is our life when we live in the person of Jesus and not in the law, in religion or from an ideology, belief system or any expression of
the letter that Paul asserted – kills.


The letter kills. Kills what? Kills our humanity and dwarfs our sonship into a caricature of our real selves. You are not an object. And neither is God. We become human by living in the son of man or as Paul would say, by agreeing that Christ is our life. This is a holistic relationship in which the person of Jesus becomes us. By the Spirit.


Richard Rohr stressed the importance of worshiping God as the I AM of Himself, rather than as an object or abstraction.


When we built on Aristotle’s belief that substance is a higher and preferred category than relationship (to put it another way, that nouns are better than verbs), we inherited an absolutely non-Trinitarian notion of the human person that was autonomous, static, and without a metaphysical capacity for union with our own beings, much less the divine nature of God. In this metaphysically hamstrung version of reality, we were not created in “the image and likeness of God,” after all!” (1)

The illusion of the law is substance when there is none. The law-monger believes law-substance is her life. Which is why she is not alive in the spirit.

But when Christ is our life we are alive as sons. We are in God’s image and likeness. God is us and we are His daughters and sons. As part of G0d and similar in nature, each of us are the expression of God. Just as Jesus was the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, so are you the unfolding representation of the being of Jesus as John and Sue. We have a choice. Whether to live in this superb glory or plod on, as a banal expression of the law and the artefacts of the knowledge of good and evil.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1207-1211). SPCK. Kindle Edition.