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Spiritual blindness is a disease resulting from separation from God. It’s a persistent malady when we don’t listen because we do not want to hear and don’t learn because we are fastened on to what we know already. The essence of sin is ‘not knowing God.’ ‘Eternal life on the other hand is knowing God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent.


The problem with law-based christianity is that it gives us a wrong-headed view of sin, a bent view of our Father and a crippled vision of ourselves. Baxter Kruger sums this up when he observes that “When Jesus says, "No one knows the Father but the Son," he is making a penetrating statement about the problem of sin and reconciliation.

Most of us have been trained to think of sin in legal terms as breaking the Ten Commandments. But when Jesus declares "no one knows the Father but the Son," he is confronting us with a far more devastating notion of sin than that of breaking the law. Let me put it this way: If eternal life is knowing the Father, as Jesus teaches us (John 1 7:3), then eternal death is not knowing the Father, and sin is the cause of our not knowing.”


This exposes the futility of constructing our own grace from iconic denominational observances or making a messiah out of a gospel that is not the Gospel of Jesus, the apostles and Church Fathers. We are not so much dead in our sins but dead in our disjointed beliefs. As a result we can be personally dead in our spirit when our Gospel is not Christ’s Gospel and dead as communities of faith when our law-based vision distorts the face of God and ourselves. Would you rather be a live tree or a piece of dead driftwood?


Baxter continues, “Sin has to do with being blind, with being so profoundly wrong-headed that it is impossible for us to know the Father.” If eternal life is knowing God, temporal life is also knowing God as God is in Christ.

“The problem of sin and reconciliation is far larger than the issue of our being

lawbreakers.” This is why we may not be living in the fullness of Christ in His genuine Gospel even though we technically belong to the Body of Christ. BELONGING to the body is not so hot when we belong as a piece of dead wool or a bunion.

Kruger continues. “As my friend Paul Leverenz says, "No matter how many laws we

have broken, and no matter how much punishment these acts supposedly deserve,

the problem is far more catastrophic." Sin goes way beyond disobedience.

The deepest problem of sin is that it makes us utterly incapable of knowing the

The Father. It afflicts us with such a dastardly wrong-headedness; we cannot know the Father's heart.”

This is why ‘bent gospels and alternate salvations are more serious than we imagine. Theologies when perverse are a form of collective sin.

“It makes us so blind; it is impossible for us to see the Father's face. And without knowing the Father's heart, we have no basis for real assurance or hope in our lives at all. If we cannot see His face, we have no possibility of living in the freedom of His abounding love, and in the security and joy of His lavish and eternal embrace.”

It’s not by chance that as followers of ‘another gospel’ spiritual discernment is not part of our lives so that we continue circling our self-made mulberry bush as if it is a tree of life when in reality it is the tree of wrong-headedness.