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Jesus is both the Light and the Light by which we know truth and distinguish it from almost truth. People can resist the truth for many reasons. A major one is because they choose to. Another is because they cannot ‘see.’

‘Seeing’ is freedom from confusion and depletion. Seeing is life itself. Jesus is life and the light of men and women.

Jesus prayed, ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they are do.’ That which they were living in – their self-contrived version of godliness - was so removed from God that it made this statement of His true: They didn’t know what they were doing. They did not ‘know’ because they could not ‘see.’ So on behalf of the human race the Jewish leaders instigated the killing of life and light when He came among them. And in doing so, ended the darkness of Adam and the beginning of the Light of the world. The darkest human act ushered the light of God into our darkness.

Not living in darkness is a choice. By living in the law when we have been given the Spirit in which to live is choose confusion and darkness.

Jesus did not just give us the cross. He gave us the end of Adam’s separation by the cross. He gave us His union with God by the incarnation.


While the cross was an atrocity and a colossal act of self-justified blindness, it sowed the life and the light of God into the ‘soil’ of the world. Thus The Sower sowed Himself and His life and truth into the hearts of all who would believe. The seed is the unadulterated Jesus: The apostle’s doctrine. The culture of legalism, the rocks, weeds and birds are the combined obstinacy and the demonic robbery that dilutes and perverts the fullness of the seed of Christ’s gospel that ensures a barren field and small fruitage. This is the Sowers degenerate field – a field of obstinacy and confusion.


People can resist the truth because they have been acculturated in a version of Christianity that is not the truth. It’s a deviation from it. In this way a false christ and a vitiated Christianity lays claim to be the truth and the attitudes becomes the norm in which people live. But it is a false reality in which masses are so indoctrinated that they see the real truth of Jesus as bizarre. They continue in their Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil as though they are pleasing God.

A water-melon has more spiritual discernment than those in this culture.

Many invest their lives in a notion of religion in which Jesus is purported to be supporting the very Adamic religion that He replaced with His life as our life.


But we should not despair. Not only can the stiff-necked ways of religious merchants be utilised by God to bring life. The darkness cannot quench the light and the Light will inevitably obliterate the darkness. The Mirror Version puts it accurately. John 1.5 ‘The darkness was pierced and could not comprehend or diminish this light. Then we have the annotation, ‘Darkness represents man’s ignorance of his redeemed identity and innocence’ Isa 9:2-4, Isa 60:1-3, Eph 3:18, Col 1:13-15.


Vested interests continually resisted Jesus and the life He was offering, as they do today. Only today they do it in His name, either by reducing Him to religion or by specious arguments touting their proprietary ‘other gospel’. But there is only one gospel of the Kingdom: The gospel of Jesus, Paul and John. This is the new covenant truth that Christ is our life and this incarnated life is the reality and engine of the new creation.


Jesus did not come so that any of us could find an identity or a status in ‘our religion.’ He came and is among us by His Spirit so all can have life – and not drops of it. But life to the full. We will be ourselves in Christ our life. A shadow of ourselves in the law our life.


Jesus spoke with authority and not as the scribes. This authority is not only about His miracles. As the man Jesus, He spoke forth the life and light of God as the Christ of God. Real authority rests with life-givers – those who are competent ministers of the new covenant – not of the letter of the law or the miasma of religion but of the spirit of life.

We can be good and sincere people in the old covenant regime but as hard as we try we remain dead men waking and this is the half-life we multiply in the name of God.

The Christ of God is none other than the son of God who had lived with our Father from all eternity. Jesus, as the Son spoke in the authority – the spirit and truth of the trinity. This was The Light that came into the world and the light that expels all darkness. Even ours.


Stephen infuriated the religious leaders by telling the truth. His declaration of unpalatable truths exposed the futility of their theology and the carnality of their attitudes. His exposure of their folly and dark motives ensured his death. But it sowed a seed into the heart of Saul of Tarsus and ignited a fire that could not be put out. It also precipitated a huge spread of the gospel of life.


Luke writes, ‘They produced false witnesses, who testified, “This fellow never stops speaking against this holy place and against the law. For we have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy this place and change the customs Moses handed down to us.” Acts 6.13,14 NIV. People work today to ensure the continuity of ‘their place’ in the illusion that they are allies of Jesus.

Stephen’s enemies, actually enemies of Jesus, were out to protect their self-entitlement, their status and their self-made identity. And they did it with a plausible theology. But sadly a theology that had been superseded by The Plan put in place before the creation of the earth: The simple power of Christ in you, of Christ our life.


‘But they could not withstand the wisdom and the Spirit with which he was speaking’ Acts 6.10 ESV. The opponents of The Light never can and never will. No matter how sincere they may be or how smug about their beliefs, the merchants of religion will IMPLODE. Or be cast out and the tares will be uprooted. No matter what short term gains the merchants of religion may take heart in, False Christs will be un-masked and the Christ of God and His gospel of the Kingdom will be revealed.

The Light will overcome the darkness.

Stephen spoke by the same Spirit than animated Jesus. This penetrates the darkness, obliterates the darkness, causes confusion to flee, heals blind eyes and resurrects dead men walking. It’s the personification of Resurrection and Light. It’s the culmination of Christmas.