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In the last post I wrote about the false self and stated that the real self emerges when we are born again and advance from glory to glory as we become who we are in Jesus. This self is far superior to who we are in the old and false self. It is us as worshipers and sons/daughters in spirit and truth rather than just sons notionally. The false self is not inherently bad. It’s just not fully us.


Our growing from glory to glory is not a piety. It is our growing in Father into the spirit of sonship.
Richard Rohr writes, “Your false self is not bad or inherently deceitful. Your false self is actually quite good and necessary as far as it goes. It just does not go far enough, and it often poses and thus substitutes for the real thing. That is its only problem, and that is why we call it “false.” The false self is bogus more than bad; it pretends to be more than it is. Various false selves (temporary costumes) are necessary to get us all started, but they show their limitations when they stay around too long. If people keep growing, their various false selves usually die in exposure to greater light. That is, if they ever let greater light get in; many do not.”


The new wineskin is not an improved old wineskin. The new covenant is an entirely new and living way – the way that is Christ as you. Another name for this is ‘oneness’ with God. To see the new wineskin as the old wineskin enhanced by rubbing Holy Spirit oil into the surface is an inadequate understanding of our inheritance in Christ. It’s not just about salvation. It’s about God realising God’s sons and daughters through the son of God – Christ come in our flesh.

We are revealed to ourselves as our true selves HIDDEN IN CHRIST. Our real self is muffled when we are hidden in religion. A dead tree is a tree but a live tree is a tree being its real self.


Rohr continues, “
When you are able to move beyond your false self—at the right time and in the right way—it will feel as if you have lost nothing. Of course, if all you know is the false self and you do not know that there is anything “beyond” it, the transition will probably feel like dying. Only after you have fallen into the True Self, will you be able to say with the mystic Rumi, “What have I ever lost by dying?” You have discovered true freedom and liberation. When you are connected to the Whole, you no longer need to protect or defend the part. You are now connected to something inexhaustible.”


You are now one with infinite life which is the precursor to eternal life. Christ is one substance with God and you are one substance with Christ. There’s no bogus selves in the trinity. Because God is woven into you become who you actually are: An authentic son/daughter.

To be born again we must die to the old self so that we can be reborn as the new. Dying to self usually involves dying to inherited ideas so that these
veils are removed. But we already have – in Christ. Once again its about living in His Reality rather than in cunningly distributed fictions.