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For those who have been taught to believe that the law and obedience to it is the chief issue of the universe I have good news for you. It’s not. Jesus Christ and your reception of Him as your life is the issue we need to come to grips with. Yet it is better than this. It’s not so much that we must receive His life. The big deal is that we have already been received into His.
‘It’s an advantage to live in what God has done and not in something we have made up. Satan makes stuff up as do those who seek status in cunningly devised fables. ‘Humbug’ is a good word for fictions and rationalisations used to support partisan gospels.’
Key issues are the absolute trustworthiness of your Father and the reality of your sonship and belonging in the Family of God.
A key fact is, the vicarious humanity of Jesus – a doctrinal expression of the hegemony of Christ as our life. Christ has you covered – totally covered – in every possible way. The challenge of daily living is not making ourselves worthy. It is living from our inclusion in the Family of God.
Satan precipitated the fall by insinuating that Father was not what He seemed and that we in Adam and Eve were much less than we appeared. The fact was, Father was totally reliable and honest and ‘we’ were the sons and daughters of God. We always were even before the cross.
WE BEGAN AS THE SONS OF GOD. Following the cross we received the status of sons and daughters IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. The position of Jesus in the trinity and its fellowship has become ours and we are truly sons – sons in Christ and in the privileges of fellowship with divine beings that are His. The current illusion that Satan attempts to perpetrate is that the conditions of the fall still apply. That we must undo them ourselves by the various motions of religion. Such views can be inherent in common theologies and are often upheld by obscurantism and humbug. Humbug is what we have when we have made an idol of views that are just plain wrong.
Francois Du Toit declares our status nicely,
We celebrate an innocence that pre-dates Adam’s fall! We have allowed an illegitimate sin-consciousness to prevail in our theologies and worship! The prodigal son’s Father had no reference or remembrance of past sins; imagine how that would spoil the party.”
Let’s make this clear. Our pre-fall companionship with God has been undone. Our intimacy with God has been restored. This union with God that is ours is God’s achievement, not ours. In Jesus we are embraced and interwoven into the being of God.
‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Realize this today!