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Many of us have been raised to think that Godliness is about morality. That's a pity because Jesus announced that He was about life - not droplets but rivers.

We can live a limited life in the law. People do and in doing so separate themselves from the kind of life in God today that will be fully lived in the new earth. Not that an incarnated life here is the equal to this, but it is our life in the body that is extravagant with the communion and presence of Christ/Life Itself – life that is personal and not some abstraction or religious agenda.

When we talk of being the ‘real you’ and we being the ‘real us’ we mean that we are all that we can be as ourselves in spirit and in life. We are talking the new birth. Advancing from glory to glory is not our advancing into some ethereal state. It’s our maturation as sons and daughters which - is our growth into the reality of who we actually are.

We are not ourselves when depressed. Not ourselves when ill and not our full selves with arthritis. Similarly, we are not ourselves when attempting to be alive in something that is not Jesus.

A relationship to religion is the most common counterfeit to a relationship with God and it can make us spiritually ill – with the result that many people meet together in churches, yet are no further ahead in their relationship with God than the non-believer meeting in the pub. The fact is though, when living in the incarnation, Jesus is with us at the pub and at the clothes line or at the beach. Christ really is all and in all and not in a pious sense. Kingdom life is Jesus expressed as you.
Religion insulates us from naked union with God. We can live a Christian life-style or a belief system as phlegmatic beings several degrees above ‘undead’ because we are not one with spirit and life – the quality that is ours in union with God. Spirit and life is not usually ecstasy but a quiet celebration of being alive in the glory of the ordinary.
‘Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me’ John 6.57 NIV.
The Lord’s Table is a reminder and celebration of our normal life – of the fact that by eating Jesus we live because of Him. He is our daily bread. How do we eat Jesus? By agreeing with Him that we have been drawn into His life.
Once we live in this union we are able to perceive glory in many ordinary situations and ordinary people just being themselves in kindness, grace and expertise. We ourselves are liberated from  religion and born into union with our real selves and real life because we have become one with God.
The joy of life is never pious separation from the world but a life that is in God and in the world as a life-giving spirit. Some of us have a degree of happiness but are not really exponents of the joy that is ours when Christ is our life. C.S Lewis draws our attention to this as a way of life – a living way, we must emphasise because it is incarnated with the life of God and the life of the Real You.
““Joy,” for Lewis, is not to be equated with “happiness.”  The difference between the two is akin to that between a five-course meal at a great French restaurant and a piece of chocolate.  But having said this, the delight of a great meal doesn’t last long either, and “joy” is about both delight and its ever presence--and perhaps even more important, “joy” is about that delight and ever presence filling our lives and all things.  What Lewis was after was not a moment or two of a good feeling.  He was after a total baptism in beauty and glory and delight, a baptism that would flow over into every nook and cranny of his humanity.” (1)
Leanne Payne expands on Lewis in her excellent book, ‘Real Presence,’ subtitled, ‘The Glory of Christ with us and within us.’ I would go further than this and declare the glory of Christ
as us. To me this is the real meaning of Paul’s, Christ our life, incarnation, the Lord’s Table, Christ come in our flesh and the meaning of His words, ‘Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you.’ Of course we are not deities. But we are sons/daughters who are the manifestation of the trinity as Bob, Sam, Gertrude and Louise.
Leanne Payne is right to locate the Presence in us in the incarnation and not in the anointing of Holy Spirit. The incarnation is ours as a gift of God. This oneness in Christ is our foundation and our base. Holy Spirit and the gifts are real and a bounty. But they are the result of our life in God. Not our life in God. The gifts joined to the law and old covenant are an unnatural union that can pollute revelation. They cannot be maintained and fade unless we are rooted in the being of God in Christ.
John 17 is Jesus’ prayer for the oneness that He was about to achieve on our behalf and a description of what it involves as a state of being for ourselves and the church – an interwoveness with God and He with us.
(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. The Great Dance: The Christian Vision Revisited . Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition. 
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