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Truth is life and our Truth is the person of Jesus Christ. We are called to flourish in a True Christ and a True Gospel. If we have been socialised into a lie, we will fear the truth. If false assumptions have become who we are we will resist truth and live in imaginative forms of denial. There is one Gospel and this is the Gospel of Jesus, Paul, John, the apostles and the Church Father’s. This is the truth in which God is revealed as God and you are re-created to be who you are in spirit and in truth.

The ‘You’ of you is found in the person of Jesus Christ. In nothing else and certainly not in anything religious. Spiritualty in Jesus is being profoundly human in general and you as a graced -with -life, person in particular.


It needs to be plainly stated that if we are still living from the law or some Christian agenda, we have never understood what Christs death and resurrection have gained for us. Christ our life is the True Source of us and the Church Jesus builds without human hands.

This is not to say that kindness, justice and compassion are of no account. It is to say that union with God is more important and that it is this union that makes our activities imparters of spirit and life in these things. Keep in mind that where there is no spirit and life there is no Kingdom of Christ.


To be Godly is to be human in a deeply full and gracious sense. It’s to have entered the state of being a son/daughter because you have agreed with Christ that Christ is your life and that by the Spirit you as a son/daughter are a manifestation of the Son of Man and an expression of the triune God.

Myk Habets write that, ‘Torrance has consistently rejected any and all suggestions that the humanity of Jesus Christ, the human nature he partook of in the incarnation, was anything other than a particular humanity – that of this person, Jesus of Nazareth.

It was not simply some Platonically ‘ideal’ humanity. In this regard any notion that the human nature of Jesus Christ was deified ‘in itself apart from the fact that it is united to the eternal Word or Son of God’ is rejected. That is to say, the work of Christ did not divinise human nature in an automatic or mechanistic sense. Rather, it was a specific, personal, and real divinisation of a human nature. This leads Torrance into evangelical praise [in saying]‘The supreme truth that lies behind everything else in the Gospel and gives it its decisive import and redemptive power is the love of God the Father for mankind – the divine philanthropia manifested in the astonishing event in which God the Son became man, not ‘man’ in some ideal or abstract sense, but actual historical man.” (1)


In the same way you become a man/woman who is not an abstract collection of admirable qualities. You become a real man or woman in your daily life who is the expression of Christ. The Christ who is woven into your being so that you are a manifestation of Him by being yourself in Him. Hidden in Christ you are revealed as a son of God.

(1) Habets Myk, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, p.65.