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Father says, ‘My son, give me your heart’ for a reason. A most subtle illusion in which to be contained is to convince ourselves that we are working for the Lord when we are in fact furthering our own interests. We may not be conscious of this but our heart will be aware of our real agenda. It is our heart that propels us into freedom or erects fictions to maintain us in our ‘other gospels’ and our need for an extra-Jesus identity. This is why sincere people can remain bound to beliefs that are ‘other gospels’ and a distortion of the scriptures.


Ministries have been built on tendentious interpretations of the Bible and whole denominations have emerged out of teaching that has re-invigorated the life of Adam and his fall while wearing the disguise of Christ.

Don’t give your life attempting to revive something that Jesus did not plant. Rick Joyner’s book,
The Valley, is chiefly about the pulling out of tares. It is surprising, yet indicative of the fog of common delusion that so many can read The Torch and the Sword and still live from the knowledge of good and evil and The Fall extended in separationist Christianity. In the tale called The Valley, Joyner writes,


The darkness did not spread or multiply as it may seem—it was there all the time. You just exposed it. No one who was truly serving Me was captured by the evil horde. It only captured those who did not seek Me first, but rather sought their own interests. Those are the only ones that evil can take dominion over.” (1)

Our own interests: We need to examine our life-long quests in order to determine if our inspiration came from the Lord or if it is our own quest, arising from our need to secure an identity and establish a status in our own right – a status that diverges from the gospel of the Kingdom.


In The Valley, Joyner has Jesus say, “
Just because they used My name does not mean they follow Me or serve Me. You helped to expose many for what they have always been. “Some will come to their senses as the nature of this evil horde becomes increasingly obvious. These will turn to Me and repent of their own evil ways. They will be free and will help many others to be free. Many of these are even now considering both the real nature of what they are now in.” (2)

There is a war against fullness in Christ.


Purity of heart means loyalty to Jesus as Himself, undiluted with considerations and additions of our own.

There are people of pure heart and spirit who do not know Jesus by name. They have been unwittingly working for Him and have been on His side because they love truth and justice. But more than this they love life. One day they will see Him as He is and know Him for Himself.

There are others who have laboured all their lives for institutions and organisations because they have convinced themselves that they are working for Jesus.

But there will come a time when the curtain is rolled back, the lie of appearances will be undone and they will be appalled at the reality. It will be seen that much of their work was not actually for Jesus. It had been inspired
by the spirit of anti-christ. Inspired to inhibit and delay fullness in Christ in order to inhibit the new creation.

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