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"Christian theology .. arises out of the actual knowledge of God given in and with concrete happening in space and time. It is knowledge of the God who actively meets us and gives Himself to be known in Jesus Christ.” (3) This implies that we cannot massage scripture to fit our beliefs just because we have beliefs. Our interpretation of scripture in order to impart life must agree with what God did and what God believes. 
Jesus Christ is the lens for rightly interpreting the word of truth.
The garden and the vine are key images of the flow of life from the fullness of God into those who believe.
The soil of the law grows religion just as surely as a compost sprouts pumpkins. If you have been raised in a law frame-work and culture, you will find it easy to create formulaic modes of living and formulaic versions of accessing the gifts of the Spirit. This is because our epistemology – the fabric of our thought is the knowledge of good and evil. The one Source of non-dualistic thinking and being is union with God. You possess this when Christ is your life.
In the paradigm of the knowledge of good and evil we have compartmentalisations and dichotomies. Old covenant culture has a mentality that goes with it. There is such a thing as a law-conditioned epistemology. Here the whole is never more than the sum of the parts. It is the parts – which means that in this culture, we are never whole, even with the gifts of the Spirit. Wholeness comes from union with God and not only that, but from the inter-woveness of our being and God’s being in Jesus.
Holistic thinking and the right perception of God and Godliness comes from an affinity with God, from oneness with God. “The human mind to has a "tacit power" to bridge logical gaps in knowledge and discern Gestalten (coherent patterns) through creative leaps of the imagination from the parts to the whole.” (1) It can do this authentically when we have the mind of Christ – which we have when Christ is our life and which we do not have when we live in the false separation of the law and assorted fundamentalisms.
Law based living not only cripples our being. It stifles our ability to ‘be’ and to think properly. But in the Spirit, we have the mind of Christ as the scripture below affirms.
‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. We are interwoven with God.
Some who base their concept of togetherness in marriage and the church find support in their notion that the trinity is a hierarchy. But is it not. It is communion of equals. This is the model marriage, the model for the mature family and for the church. The latter is oneness in diversity in its optimum functioning.
Throughout the old testament and the new, God has manifested His Spirit in sagacious people humble enough to receive Him. Not through the mentally ill, the dim-witted or the wicked, but through people of sound mind and maturity. Thus the first deacons were singled out because they were both full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. God does not make Himself known in any important way through vessels of low emotional or intellectual intelligence.
What we believe matters as is illustrated in
The Power of Right Believing – a book about our inheritance and privileges in the new covenant. We are at liberty to believe what we like and take refuge in the notion that we can embrace almost anything and still belong to the Body of Christ. If we can believe everything our beliefs means nothing. Something must be capable of disproof to be worthy of thought.
Alignment with truth is important because Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. God is truth and we must be one with His truth in order to be sons and daughters in spirit and in truth.
We become what we think is true and what we think we are - which is why we need to attach to the narrative that comes from the mystery of Godliness instead of the fictions pumped out by the mystery of iniquity. Richard Rohr writes,
We always become what we behold; the presence that we practice matters. That’s why we desperately need a worldwide paradigm shift in Christian consciousness regarding how we relate to God. This shift has been subtly yet profoundly underway for some time, hiding in plain sight—the revelation of God as what we have always called “Trinity” but have barely understood (in the beginning was the Relationship).” (1)
The trinity not only lives in us in new covenant belief. We live in the trinity because in Jesus we belong. As Believers we have what Jesus has because He is our life and we have His life. Never stop at the cross and the death of Jesus. The cross opened the way to His life to be ours. He represents us entirely and in a manner of speaking, Jesus is you and He is us all.
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