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There are many ways we can be the expression of Christ. But there is only one gospel of the Kingdom that is legitimate. This is the Gospel of Jesus, the apostles, the Church Fathers, the Reformers and teaching that conforms in all things to the Niceane Creed. You just can’t make a gospel up and call it the good news of salvation when it may well be a cunningly devised fable.

Truth is important because truth is life. Death flows from lies as it did from the Big Lie that precipitated the Fall. Similarly variations on this lie maintain the Fall in spite of the cross, robbing it of the power of regeneration and peace,


Truth, not only needs to come out. It needs to be fought for. There’s nothing apostolic about promoting mis-understanding because it’s our identity. If deception deadens the spirit, truth ignites it because Truth is the Person of Christ undoing all that deadens spirit and life.


Leanne Payne writes, “In writing on the practice of the Presence of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I’ve perhaps said less in regard to specific special ways of practicing the Presence of the Spirit. But, increasingly, as in situations I’ve just mentioned, I find myself invoking the Holy Spirit, and praising Him as the Spirit of Truth. And this is what I find myself saying over and over again to precious beleaguered brethren, “Do you know that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth! Invoke His Presence! Speak His truth. It may not be accepted right now, but it will sit on the heads of these people until they acknowledge it.” True enough, there will be some who will not be converted by what they hear, but one day, even they, as the Scriptures say, will bow the knee before God and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

“What a wonderful and mysterious power truth is. How it sits atop the most resistant head, and darts into the darkest heart. That head and heart may not choose to act on the truth, or to acknowledge it, it may even repress it very deeply, but once truth is spoken, there is a place in the human heart that knows it has heard truth, and it will have to wrestle with it from then on. It is the truth, and Truth Himself, that changes people, and structures, and nations.”


Truth is a seed that liberates people from deadness of soul. We do not have to receive it. We can water it down and dilute it with personal beliefs that stick to us like tar. But truth undoes spiritual blindness and inertial disguised as religion.

Apostolic people operate from oneness with God because Christ is their life. None who maintain a religiosity in connection to the law are apostolic because the law is separation in itself. In oneness with Christ we are an expression of Christ. In oneness with the law we are an expression of Dead Adam

As an agent of truth you are an agent of resurrection, healing and life. Life is in you and you are spirit and life in person. You will undergo healing in your inner life and you will be a healer as yourself because Christ is your life.