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Our peace and joy in Christ can be limited by incomplete gospels and limited christ’s. The Christ of God and ‘this Gospel of the Kingdom’ go together. The Gospels of Jesus, Paul and John present Jesus as Jesus is and us as we are in Christ. ‘In Christ’ should be read as oneness with Christ. The doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Christ is not just a formal statement. It’s the expression of the living union, the interwoveness that the enterprise of the trinity has ours in the person of Jesus.


Thomas Torrance writes, “As the incarnate Son of the Father Jesus Christ had been sent to fulfil all righteousness both as priest and as victim, who through his one self-offering in atonement for sin has mediated a new covenant of universal range in which he presents us to his Father as those whom he has redeemed, sanctified and perfected for ever in himself.

In other words, Jesus Christ constitutes in his own self-consecrated humanity the fulfilment of the vicarious way of human response to God promised under the old covenant, but now on the ground of his atoning self-sacrifice once for all offered this is a vicarious way of response which is available for all mankind. It is surely in that light that we are to understand the twofold ministry of Jesus, from God to man and from man to God. In biblical language, he fulfilled the covenant from both sides: 'I will be your God, and you will be my people.' 'I am holy, be you holy.'”


Don’t insulate yourself from God by an attachment to the law, religion or celebrity preachers. Direct union with Christ is your inheritance. Choose Christ as your life and live this actively and you will be drawn to Godly teachers from whom flow rivers of spirit and life.

In Christ we are holy and are being made holy. Should we become obsessed with sin and moral behaviors, we have our attention in the wrong place. ‘Christ our life’ is our life in regard to forgiveness from sin, grace and the growing of the self into our glory as sons and daughters of God. Just as God’s glory is to be Godself, so our glory is to be who we are with spirit and life. We have identity and agency as life-givers when Christ is our life personally.