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There’s a personal air-conditioner on the web that advertises itself as streaming out gusts of cold air. At best it produces slightly cooler air and certainly does not live up to the advertising. There are versions of the gospel that are like this – all of them some variation of a subverted Christ and the knowledge of good and evil with Christian gloss.


A legalised version of the Kingdom of God has turned what could have been infinite life into religion. It comes from an inherited ‘Romanised codified thinking’ and a materialist epistemology. The rational/legal is the fabric of Western thinking, so much so that in some quarters life in the Spirit is promoted in the letter (that kills) and spiritual gifts and the anointing are bolted on to that which is a less obvious version of the law – Christian values and moralism. Some faith communities have made an entire religion out of the law.


Baxter Kruger observes that “The early Church saw that what was fundamental about God was the Trinity. But in the development of Western theology, the holiness of God was substituted for the Trinity as the fundamental truth about God. In truth, it was a false view of the holiness of God that was substituted. For the holiness of God, .. is the joy and the fullness and the love of the Father, Son and Spirit, their mutual delight and passion, the sheer togetherness of their relationship, its intimacy, harmony and wholeness, and rolled them all into one word, it would be “holiness.” (1)

We can see this when we think on Paul’s declaration that Jesus lives to draw all things into Himself. Himself is not just Him personally but His fellowship in the Trinity. Enfolded in God you are holy as God is holy.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT.


Fundamentalism is a form of legalism in which the words of God are treated as if they are God. Thus a skeletal version of Christianity substitutes itself for what Jesus intends as a state of being. The state of our living in oneness with God. In union with God because God has joined God to us and we agree with Christ that God is incarnated in our being.


Leanne Payne writes, “In Him we become fully human. In Him we begin to do His works. This involves incarnation, a descent of the Spirit into our deepest being and lives. In Him, the will, intellect, imagination, feeling, and sensory being are hallowed and enlivened. We begin to fully live, to participate in the eternal, the immutable, the indestructible. We live in a day, however, when few—even among those who call themselves Christian—believe in Christ’s Real Presence with us.” (2)

The implication is that we cannot become fully human in the law or anything that is not Christ our life.


There is a sense of The Presence. But of a disconnected, disembodied presence in the culture of Holy Spirit anointing, spiritual gifts and healing. These are all legitimate and part of the Kingdom Jesus began. But they are not His Kingdom when done in isolation from the new covenant. They are not Kingdom when practiced in an imagined separation from God when lived in ignorance of the incarnation.


Incarnation is not a word. It’s our interwoveness with God. Stagnation is what we have when we live in religion, no matter how up-beat that is not the manifestation of Christ as us. The key manifestation of the Spirit is not a gift. It’s you.

There have been massive outbreaks of Holy Spirit anointing and revival that inevitably fade and the new creation does not take hold. They cannot because unless we live in the at-one-ment and incarnation that is Christ our life, we are not healed in our being, not healed as the church and not healed of our mortal wound which is separation from God because we have substituted religion for incarnation and the healing of limbs for the healing of being. These of course are not separated in the Kingdom Realm. There is no dualism in Christ, so that the gifts and the anointing function properly as advertisements and signs of God’s love when we are whole and whole because we are rooted in the being of the triune God and living in the union with God that has been ours since the cross.

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