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Christ’s gospel and our inheritance is simple, complete and comprehensive. It’s too simple for some. Christ our life is not for them. The law and their accumulated behaviors and ideas – their religion is what they embrace while leaving their inheritance in the ground. Thus they emasculate themselves as Paul wrote, ‘As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!’ Gal 5.2 NIV.


It’s the result of living in religion and its Christian accumulations that so many Believers live half-lives or are not alive at all. Rest for human restlessness is not a day, not the result of an observance and not even you being Mother Theresa. It’s you being you in Christ - your oneness with Christ.

“It is through Christ’s vicarious humanity that we are lifted up into the Trinitarian fellowship of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Our life is a participation in His Life. He truly is “the Way, the Truth, the Life.” (1)


‘Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation’ 2 Peter 3.4 NIV. But it doesn’t. The earth has its being and quality of life in cause and effect. The new creation becomes real as we live it out the incarnation and heaven really does come to earth in the macro and not just in healing services.

The ‘way the truth and the life’ is not Christianity because it is not religion. It is Christ as you, Christ as us, Christ the church built without human hands. It’s Christ as a new society called the Kingdom of God. This is the new creation. We can hang on to our old stuff because it’s what we know. Or we can seize the opportunities that present themselves and adopt solutions that generate a new way of life. Healing is not just about healing limbs and ears. It’s about a new and living way called the new creation. This is the new creation which either applies to all of life or it is nothing.


Your inheritance is to live in him and more. Your inheritance is that He is your life. In other words Jesus is you and Jesus is the church

Life is Jesus as you. There is no life in the veneration of externalities even though religion has been made of it. Spirit and life are ours because we have been woven by Jesus Christ into the fullness of God. This is the reality of our fellowship with God and the source of our transformation from notional sons to sons in spirit and truth.

“In the gift of His vicarious humanity, and our participation in that gift, we have fellowship with God. This fellowship is the ultimate goal of the whole life and work of Jesus Christ: that we may be one, just as our Triune God is one. Jesus Christ has perfected our relationship with God, we are not left to do that in ourselves. Our relationship with God is summed up in the name Jesus Christ.” (1)

The infinite life that is yours need not linger in the field or be diluted in religion. Your life is the person of Christ and more. In Him you have oneness with God. Jesus is all things for us in relation to God. There is no missing link that you must forge yourself. When He is our life we are the expression of our real selves and we are the manifestation of the church that is Him lived in His people.

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