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Unless Christ is our life we have no authentic inner-being. At least none that is akin to who we are and who Jesus lives for us to be: A son of God. When Christ is our life, we are alive inside. Our spirit, soul and mind is imbued with spirit and life. We are progressing into everything it means to be human and more. We are advancing in the spirit of sonship and growing into the glory of who we were born to be and reborn to become.

We can live as a shell of ourselves as a Christian, but it takes Christ our life to be a son.


If we have been hungry enough and astute enough to seek the narrow way that is Jesus with us and in us - and had the courage to slough off encumbrances of religion that are falsely touted as aids to spiritualty, we will have entered a degree of fellowship with God and companionship with self that was enjoyed by David, Jesus, Paul and John. The Psalmist was an
Early Adopter of intimacy with God over and above rite and routine. Jesus was so out of the religious square that they took His life out of spite. Paul, who began as a persecutor of The Way, was hounded for unwrapping the new and living way and John spent time seemingly alone on Patmos in the company of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It was John who declared,

On that day you will realize
that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and
I am in you’
John 14.20

A luxurious oneness with God and self is not the province of a spiritual elite. It belongs to all who will dig the treasure out of the ground and invest in the Ten Talents available to all.

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them’ Matt 25.29 NIV. Unfair? Not really. It’s just the result of insisting on our own ‘gospel’ and rationalising our way out of Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom.


There are stultified Christians and expanding ones. The latter are not getting fat with religion. Their being is advancing into the infinite life that is our possession as ‘Jesus multiplied.’ Stultified Believers are bogged in the old covenant swamp of self-effort and separation. If not attached to all of the law, they are glued to its new testament equivalent: Church morality and culture. As God fearing as this may appear and as beneficial to human well-being as it may be argued, this is not the gospel. The Gospel is Christ our life, Christ in you.
Our inheritance as sons of God is powerful and ennobling.

A law culture can render us caricatures of righteousness. Christ in us will make us sons and daughters of God in spirit and in truth. We can be the expression of Christ. How?
By believing that we are and so agreeing with Jesus and the apostles. The Lord’s Table begins with the cross. But its purpose is Jesus as you.


‘Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again’ JOHN 3.3 NIV. We can have eyes for religion but be blind to the Kingdom of Jesus. This is because as Believers we have contained ourselves in the old covenant and have never been re-born, never entered the new creation and never really experienced the life of the Kingdom Jesus began. We have added ourselves to Adam and made ourselves selves an extension of Moses with Jesus’ help. But Jesus will not help us with what He undid and abandoned. Jesus offers us inner renewal, effected by His life over-taking our life and His person being us. “Henri Nouwen reminds us that "time given to inner renewal is never wasted."' In fact it is the fuel for the journey, and more importantly, it is the discipline that will shape the very fabric of our being.” (1)

Easter is the born again celebration of the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of us into real life and the spirit of Sonship. It’s the reminder of our Easter Life. So what is the fabric of your being? The law with Jesus’ help? Or
you as the expression of your Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus?

(1) Charles Ringma. Dare to Journey--with Henri Nouwen (Designed for Influence) (Kindle Locations 55-56). Kindle Edition.