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Bible reading is great when we read it through the Jesus Lens. This lens is the teaching of Jesus and the apostles and more. The correct frame is the life, actions and accomplishments of Jesus – what God has done in His Son Jesus Christ- and who you are as a result.


I value Bible reading because it is the personal witness of Jesus to me. But it is also from the Bible that we are assured that the Bible itself is not the life of God. Jesus said The Bible points to Him.

Jesus is the Living Word.

The new testament does not tell us that there is life in a religious program or that Christianity is a Jesus empowered life. It clearly states that life is found in Jesus Christ – not the religion of Jesus Christ.


A preacher told us once that the law in the new testament is the teaching of Jesus. It’s not. There is no law in the new testament other than the law of the spirit of life that Paul cites – this is not the law of Moses or church lore. Paul is talking of Christ in you who is Christ our life. He is referring to the communion of being in which the Creation finds it coherence and purpose in oneness with the trinity. This is the cosmic yet personal life that becomes you.

Unfortunately, the mystery of Christ in you has been called ‘mysticism’ when there is nothing mysterious about it – other than the incarnation which is the trinity in you. That is mysterious to the eyes of the flesh. To the eyes of the spirit, it is simply Christ living His life through you and through us. Abraham tried to carry out the promise of the Spirit in the flesh and got Ishmael. God provided the fulfillment of the promise by the Spirit in Sarah and they got Isaac – the beginning of the manifestation of God in the affairs of the people in Israel and the nation through which the explicit incarnation of God appeared in the person of Jesus Christ.

When Christ is your life you become the explicit manifestation of Jesus – the one genuine whole person approach.


Michal Kaplar is correct when he observes that “
Our source of life is not found in the pages of the Bible, but through the person of Jesus Christ.

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, I have no intention of diminishing the truth that is found in the written pages; I cherish the Scriptures and cite them frequently. When it comes to using the phrase, the Word, most will automatically think of the written Word. However, the Word is more than just pages in something we call the Bible, because the Scriptures have been given to reveal the person of Jesus Christ
.” (1) The Bible comes alive when Christ is our life and we are in Him as a reality and not as a religion.

The Living Word is the Person of Jesus Christ. The power of a changing life is Christ in you. When the author of Hebrews talks of the word that is sharper than a two-edged sword, the referent is less the Bible and more the Living Word who is Christ Himself. The intent in this passage is that those who live in the Living Word of Christ their life will possess the kind of acute spiritual discernment that is never found among those who live in the separation of the law.

(1) Michael Kaplar, Clash of the Covenants. P16.