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A teen age girl remarked that Jesus gave her the power to ‘say no.’ Understandable when we are beset by many temptations. Yet God has given us better than this. He has liberated us to say ‘yes’ to Jesus, ‘yes’ to life!

A Christ Life is not a compartmentalised life. if it was there would be no such thing as the Kingdom of God. The new creation is Christ manifest as us.


Our life in God is less about us receiving Christ and more about living in the reality that we have been received into His life.

Every person has access to infinite life in Jesus. Yet one can be a member of a church and not have much of Him. I was thinking about this last night. There are measures of the fullness of Christ. All can do better than a glass half full. ‘Godliness’ as ‘church membership’ is scant pickings. Christ your life – the non-dualistic reality that is there for all is a banquet open to all. One can overflow with a Christ life that is ours every day when we live in the incarnation.


Jesus is not our activity. But our activity is life-giving when we are His life. Many of us are content with a routine church life that permits a badge of Christianity. But there is infinitely more available to those who have a passion for Jesus such that He is their life. Old Testament David is a harbinger of new testament life. Yet all of us can have more than David because we are joined to God in Christ.

I’m reading a book called Touching Heaven. Dr Chauncey Crandall, a surgeon remarks that many in the west are satisfied with a Christianity that has little of Christ because they are absorbed in a dualistic life that confines him to the so called realm of the sacred/religious. Grace offers the opportunity for an everyday life incarnated with trinitarian fellowship.


An incarnated life is not a split life. We need not live from a dualistic perspective. Jesus draws all things into Himself. When our Christ-life is religionised and ‘churched’ we can take on dualism as a mindset. Nothing whole person about this. It’s the sacred/secular lens that does not belong to us, but which belongs to the pre-cross age. For example, a group forms a church. Then they devise an ‘outreach’ because this is what churches do as ‘mission.’ This may be partially fruitful. Yet the result can be that many people are lumped with an extra burden that is the effect of the artifact of religion and the church. Never mind that these people are already working full time. As incarnated people of God they have the potential to make their daily work their mission. We do not have to ‘pay back Jesus.’ Neither need we validate ourselves by conspicuous effort. You can be fruitful by being who you are where you are in Christ – if Christ is your life.