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It is great to get ‘decisions for Christ.’ It is even better to live in the ‘Christ who is’ and the Gospel that is His instead of an attachment to blurred Christ’s and adjusted gospels.

‘Knowing God’ is way deeper than understanding as such, although one who seeks understanding as Solomon urged is in a good place. Knowing God is not just comprehension. There are very intelligent men and women who embrace aberrant gospels and proceed in this haze for their entire lives. Some of them make a career of trying to make something life-giving out of beliefs that are fundamentally bent.
Jesus declared that ‘knowing God’ is to ‘know God and Jesus Christ whom God has sent’. Knowing God is more than knowing words about God and more than doing well at a doctrinal comprehension exercises. It’s participating in the being of God. To do so is to join infinity. It’s also to become intimate with Light – the light of who Jesus is and who we are in His Provision.

Calvin warns that [as] real as knowledge [of God] of this kind is, it is not to be confused with ‘comprehension’, for it is a kind of knowledge that surpasses all understanding, since the divine Reality that our minds embrace by faith in this way is infinite.” (1).

We are talking here of revelation in which God seeds truth about Himself into 0ur spirit and nurtures it into our soul. Yet this truth is no mere abstraction. He draws us further into His life. To be in God is to be in real life.

We can know God intuitively in our minds, particularly when we have decided to make Him our All. We can also received instruction by the Spirit in ‘words of wisdom.’ The latter are legitimate when in the frame of scripture. We write these posts that all may know Christ as He is and live robustly in the inheritance that is theirs in Jesus. I asked Jesus once why some I knew were so impervious to the real gospel of Jesus and the apostles. He spoke into my mind, ‘ Tell them Galatians 2.21. All followers of Jesus have some of God because of grace. Those who have more of Him and more of themselves are those who are particular about grace
and truth.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that what we needed was intimacy with God. I urged people to seek intimacy with God but was amiss in that I imagined that intimacy was something that we must earn. Not so. Christ has placed us in the Communion that is God. This is our staring place in living the Godly life.

We are already one with God on account of the cross, the atonement and incarnation. God is in us and with us by His Spirit. This is ‘base camp’ in the Christ life. Peace and life to the full come to us as we discipline ourselves to live from this given union, despite our performance, weak resolve, sputtering reformations and occasional victories. Christ is both our life and our relationship to God.

Those who live in congenital distance from God are discomforted by those who live in oneness with Him. The latter are not religious, not trying hard and not bound in usages and rites.  BUT THEY ARE FREE. Free to grow in life in Christ’s grace and joy. With Christ as your life you are free to be you. Free because you are not alienated from God and yourself by cultural idols.
You have intimacy with God. It’s yours now.  Enjoy Him in your everyday life. In doing this you will enjoy Him more in company with people who do the same. You will also become a more authentic you, and more genuinely righteous.
(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 11). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.
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