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Our acceptance with God, our life in God, our assuredness in His Fellowship, our living way of being alive and righteous is far better than anyone could imagine. God is better than the Father of Lies has portrayed Him through dissimulation and aberrant doctrine. Christ is more our life than poverty mentality gospels allow.


Mike Habets observes these encouraging insights from Torrance. “In the incarnation,’ writes Torrance, ‘we have the meeting of man and God in man’s place, but in the ascension we have the meeting of man and God in God’s place.’ The ascension represents the exaltation of humanity into the life of God and on to the throne of God. In the ascension the Son of Man, New Man in Christ, is given to partake of the divine nature. ‘The union of God and man in Christ was assumed into the immediate presence of God the Father on his throne – there Christ wears our human life, and it is in our name that he is there at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, standing in for us’” (Torrance). (1)


We may convince ourselves we are godly given that we do not do drugs, sleep around or rob banks. This poor man’s inheritance can disguise the fact that we are far from fully human and fully alive and that live as workers instead of sons and daughters of God.

Aberrant doctrine distorts God and robs us of sonship.


A son and a daughter of God is life itself as Jesus is. That is when Christ is your life you are a living life and you are your true self. In the law and religion we are separated from God and separated from our true selves. It is impossible to be whole and holy in the law because we are separated from reality and from life.

As themselves, Jake and Jane are manifestations of the Christ when they have embraced Christ come in their flesh. Such people are never faint ghosts of their real selves, nor are they irritatingly pious representatives of religiosity. If you have relative that live in legalistic righteousness you will know who irritating facile this non-life is.

With Christ as our life we grow in being alive, lovers of life, discerners of real life and persons of grace and truth. Not only is God’s knowledge of God imparted from within. We know ourselves from within and grow into who we have been re-born to be.

A whole person approach in the law is a myth and a lie. Incarnated as Sons of God and fully themselves sons/daughters become fully alive and mature daily as Expressions of Christ and themselves.

(1) Myk Habets, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance. P 89.