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This Body of death generically is the separated life from God – the door that Adam opened on the basis of a lie.

The body of death of which Paul speaks is s sub-corpse of the cosmic body of death. It is specifically the law of Moses and the old covenant. This means that part of the regime into which Adam was seduced known as ‘the knowledge of good and evil.’ In their unfallen state Adam and Eve had a relationship with God that was similar to the trinity’s relationship with each other. The Big Lie seduced them into seeking godliness in separation from God.


In this state of original oneness, life, love, truth and right-doing were a function of their oneness with God. Life is relationship – and relationship of the kind the trinity have is love, life, joy and spirit.

In the separation that followed seduction by the Enemy Adam and Eve began a state of non-being that depleted everyday living and which led to death. Humans became separated from their Life Source and thrown back on themselves as regards the construction of right and wrong in an attempt to be ‘godly’. Satan said they would be as gods. But they progressively became much less than themselves.

The Jews were given an outline of right-living in the Ten commandments and with it, a portent of life’s healing in the temple services and its furnishings. But the temple spoke as much about separation than it did of union with God. A compartmentalised life is what. Many still live today – not being aware that Christ is their life, that separation is finished and that they are their everyday is incarnated with the presence of God because Christ is in them.

Union with God comes in the person of Jesus Christ. In Christ the entirety of humanity has been made one with God. We have been invited to participate in this oneness. We can agree that Christ has drawn us into His life. or we can continue making religion out of what we have already been given.


Jesus’ ministry and death forgave our sin, undid our antipathy to God and made us one with God in spirit and in truth. The atonement is more than forgiveness for sin. It is AT-ONE-MENT, meaning the undoing of Adam and the fall and the beginning of the rise of human beings in their union with God and the spirit of sonship.

Sonship is more than being a brother of Jesus and a son of our Father. It is our companionship in the Family that is the trinity. But it is also more than companionship. It is the interwoveness of God’s being with ours.


We are not only seated in Christ in heaven. Christ is seated in those who believe on earth. The big deal of the new testament age – the result of the cross - is the incarnation. This is the indwelling of the Believer by the three - personed God. In Jesus dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily. If Christ is your life this is so with you. I emphasise Christ our life because Jesus announced, Paul declared and explained it and John painted pictures of it in words.


Incarnation is not achieved by merit. It simply is. It is so if you believe it. We can appropriate it by saying ‘yes’ to God’s ‘yes.’ But we need to off-load half gospels and non-gospels to REALIZE the reality in which we live. Our realising takes us well beyond a stilted life of legalism or the half-life of a belief system.

Truth is not an abstraction. Firstly, truth is the person of Christ and secondly truth is the expression of Jesus as you. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. This is both the fullness of our life, the undoing of Adam and Moses. It is the new and living way that is the new creation of ourselves, of society and the earth.


Many Christians know that they need not keep the law of Moses. But they do not know why. Christians who have absorbed a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil live in a moderated version of the law – either in Christian moralism or in the Bible expanded to be what the Ten precepts once were.

Believers are right in seeking to live beyond degraded living. But wrong in the method. Jesus is not here to instigate either the law in Christians. He is here to be our life.


It is CHRIST’S LIFE AS OURS that joins us to God; that imbues us with the trinity; that undoes the law of sin and death and marinates us in the companionship of God. When Paul talks of ‘Christ our life’ he does not mean ‘Hey guys. Get busy with your Christian life!’ He means receive what is yours: Christ as you. Acknowledge and believe that you have been received into His life and the life of the trinity.


You belong and are in fellowship with the trinity. The trinity is in fellowship with you and Living in you. This is the guarantee of your sonship and the source of your advance into the likeness of Jesus. Christ your life means Christ your life.

By living in Christ, you are the expression of Christ and are increasingly so. Going from glory to glory means learning to live in the fullness of His incarnation in us – not in accumulating esteemed moralities. Yet with Jesus as your life you will be a son in spirit and in truth. With any part of you in the body of death – even a finger – you will continue as a dead person walking.