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We are made one with God in the person of God, meaning that our oneness with God is Jesus Christ. We are not only joined to God. God is joined to us by The Son of Man in the person of Jesus Christ. Thus we not only enjoy life in fellowship with God as sons but we are edified and transformed by God’s life enlarging in us by His Spirit in us.

This is not a rattling around inside us of the Holy Spirit as A. W. Tozer insists, but an incarnation which John calls Christ come in our flesh. God is woven into our being and we into His so that we actually participate in God as genuine sons/daughters of God.

God is mediated by God. The mediation of Christ makes the fullness of God alive and real in our being. Thus to make the law, moralism or religion the issue of godliness is to define Godliness as what it is not – some derivation of the knowledge of good and evil. This illustrates how wide of the mark some gospels are. Perichoresis is a word that denotes our sharing of God’s nature.


“Torrance explains that perichoresis is not a union of identity but ‘a real sharing in the union of the incarnate Son with the Father, through a sharing not only in his human nature but in the life and love of God embodied in him’. The goal of union with Christ is thus to participate in the Divine life by being lifted up into a perichoretic union. Torrance.. repeatedly speaks of ontological communion, real participation, perichoresis, and partaking of the divine life and love, all cognates for theosis within his theology.” (1)

We do well to live in this theology – a theology that expresses the mind of Christ, His Gospel and that of the apostles and Church Fathers. This is a mindset whose reality places us where we are: In Oneness with God. You have a state of being in God in which to live. It has substance and it what makes you a son/daughter in spirit and in truth.

(1) Habets Myk, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, p 108.