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We are born again, to become who we are meant to be in Christ. It’s about entering our real identity and participating in the continual baptism that is ours in Christ – where the ‘false us’ is sloughed off and the ‘real us’ is imparted out of the Spirit of Jesus dwelling in us. It’s disappointing to see people stalled in a lesser inheritance and a lesser identity than the treasure in the field that they already own, courtesy of Christ. The treasure in the field and the pearl of great price may be salvation generically but specifically this treasure and this pearl is you. It is who you really are in Christ in your real identity as a son/daughter of our Father.


Various wise men and women throughout the ages have advocated ‘know yourself.’ Philosophy and religion may assist in this but any knowing of the self in depth comes from personal union with Christ.

Who we are may not always come from the views of our parents, spouses or significant others - not when their leaning is to have you become who they want you to be. The wounds of life can uncover the who we really are but they can just as easily warp us with bitterness and keep us small. But in Christ we will always rise again because the resurrection and the life in person is in us and with us.

Genuine identity not to be found in religion or the opinions of the religious who are themselves insulated from God and themselves by encrustations they look to for life. Growth into our glory can be nurtured by friends who live in the Spirit of Christ rather than in the religion of christians. We need to be aware that throughout human history many sincere people have opposed life seeking security in what they are familiar with. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the archetypical reaction of many to undiluted life.


There’s an alpha and omega of you. This is who you were created to be and who you are becoming with Christ as your life. The real me is who I was conceived to be out of the womb of the trinity. And often not who we have been told we are by our religion or culture.

Believers can endorse grace yet cling to laws. God come in human flesh was an offence to the Jews, just as it is an offence today – an offence to those who have diluted His incarnation to His religion come in our flesh. Some of us want Jesus to be the Endorser and Empower of our religion come in human flesh because that’s where we are getting our identity and status. But such an identity is small and a withered vine. Here we can live in a bubble that immunises us against the Real Gospel of grace, spirit and life.


We can get a lot of our real identity back again in this life. This is the adventure of our life in the body and the life that Jesus joined to honour and transform. ‘Christ come in the flesh’ is the big deal of our redemption. He is here now helping and supervising the re-invention of the self into the real self who we were conceived to be and are destined to become.

Jesus is who we are. With Him as our life we become our real selves. This is better kind of sanctification that an attempted moral progress. Stuck in sin consciousness we will not make much moral progress and we will never become who we are as daughters and sons. With Christ our life, we take on His life and become our real selves.

In Him we are very much an alpha and omega and destined for an eternal unravelling of the glory that is us. So christ in you is the hope of glory and the everyday unfolding of the glory we are now and are becoming. It would be strange to be sons of God and not be glorious.

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