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Listening to the radio some nights back I heard someone utter what linguists and sociologist shave come to understand as fact - that reality is substantially constructed through language. ‘Language’ as this person remarked is the medium of a culture.


It made me think of Jesus, the Living Word and the fact that in Him we live, move and have our being. The life of God and His sons is found in THIS WORD - never in the letter, a fact that is lost on us should we subsist in a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil rather than be alive in Life Himself. This is one of the reasons our lingua franca becomes spirit and life. It’s source is the logos and the spirit life of the universe - named by Paul as Jesus and The Law Of The Spirit Of Life. This, to put it more simply is the difference between life in the knowledge of good and evil and life in the new and living way of life - a live in God.

Believers no longer live in the realm of the tree. They have been delivered by the cross from the tree of death into the living way of life in God through Jesus Christ.


The fact of the universe is that reality is personal and communal. It arises in the trinity and makes its way to us through the creation, the cross, the incarnation and the new creation lived as Christ our life.

The search for meaning begins and continues in Him. It does not end in Him because the meaning of life and its possibilities and potential for glory are infinite in the Living Word. The essence of life is always in a state of being - never in actions and behaviors on their own. C. S. Lewis wrote, ‘I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not because I see it but because by it I see everything else.’


There has to be more to life as a Believer than Bible studies and the perpetuation of the institution of church. I have seen this personally in the authority of Jesus manifest through miracles of healing on our mission trips to India. Recently a woman received healing for her heart condition. We know this because she had an MRI that showed the formerly malfunctioning heart to be functioning in a healthy way. I have friends who find it hard to believe that Jesus heals today. I used to think that way myself - until I encountered ministry in the power of Holy Spirit and saw people healed.

The way to overcome our skepticism in this matter is to get involved in healing the sick ourselves.


There are those who are content to ignore the Spirit-filled life. They settle for rationalizations that deny it and content themselves with being ‘godly’ in their impotent kind of way, perpetuating institutional life and doing charitable things designed to prove to the world that there is a God. Faint proof! To argue that there is a God because you are kind is a non-sequitur. All a charitable exercise proves is that there are kind people.


The acts of the apostles were not charity works of kindly people. People know that God is real when they see things happen that only God can do - like healing blind eyes or raising a dead person. It’s hearsay, I know but I have heard it said that there are over 60 confirmed raising of dead people today. Jesus commanded us to heal the sick and raise the dead so that people could know that God is real.

‘Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God has come near to you’ 'Luke 10.9 NIV.

Could it be that we are not seeing these things because the Kingdom of God is not near us?

Personally I believe it is impossible to represent Jesus and His claims to be the Son of God and the Solution to the world’s woes without miracles that are signs of His authority and power. We are talking about God here. If God is real, He will do God things! Continue with your meetings and your Bible studies if you must. Industriously bury your talents in the ground because you think God is not up to being God and inhibit the new creation in good conscience. But there are those who are conduits of heaven’s life into earth. There are those who manifest the Christ by faith. We can have religion that is a form of Godliness or we can have a spirituality that is real because it is the Kingdom of God operating through you. Either Christ is our life and we are multiplying Him or we are our life and we live to multiply ourselves.