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The post-cross age is the end of the life in Adam and the Beginning of our life in Christ. But life in Christ is not life in a religion which means that ‘Christianity’ may not be a life in Christ. Christ incarnated in us - is a life in Christ. It is Christ’s directness in our being that Paul called, ‘Christ our life.’

Jesus instructed us to celebrate but two sacraments as reminders and signs of the New Reality into which He had drawn us into Himself and His fellowship with God.


“Baptism and Eucharist replace the rites of circumcision and pass over in accordance with the fundamental change in the covenant relation between God and his people brought about through the Incarnation and Atonement”.(1)

Christ’s work did not leave us in Adam’s tree or Moses’ law. Atonement has made us one with God and incarnation is the reality of the fullness of God woven into our being. In the incarnation the sons of God are the manifestation of God - as God’s people.


The sacraments that Jesus left us are few and indicative of His life for us and His life as. They are the sign and reminder of what is. Atonement and incarnation are not a means to religiosity. They are in fact the means of the fullness of God realised in God’s sons and through us as the realised NEW CREATION in society and ecology.


“They are sacraments of the finished work of Christ to which we can add nothing, sacraments which have as their substance and content none other than Jesus Christ clothed with his Gospel of atoning mediation and reconciliation, and thus sacraments which in their unique way represent the indivisible oneness of Christ's Word and Act and Person as Mediator between God and man.

“They are sacraments which by their nature direct us away from ourselves to Jesus Christ in whom all God's blessings for us are embodied, out of whose fulness we receive grace for grace. Granted that they are responses which we are commanded to make in our worship of God, they are nevertheless not sacraments of what we do but of what Christ Jesus has done in our place and on our behalf.” (2)


‘Not sacraments of what we do’ but of who Christ is for us, in us and as us in the world. The reality is Christ. Christ in His action as Himself towards us is the reality that the sacraments denote. They are the reality in which live our lives before we celebrate them and not because we celebrate them. They are the new covenant reality of Christ our life which is the Kingdom of God as a dynamic entity rather than a religious space filler. We can celebrate the sacraments with joy when appropriate. We can live the reality of them every day because Christ is our life.

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