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Jesus Christ was grace and truth in person. As the Messiah He was the word of God to man. The word of God is a person, never an abstraction. When Paul says, ‘Reality is Christ’ he means that Jesus reveals who God really is and who we as sons and daughters really are as Himself in us.

The Gospel of Jesus and the apostles is not something we make up, conjure up from denominational history or fasten onto because our parents had ‘this religion.’ It is real because “Christ is the incarnation of God himself [so] that we are able to know God with truth and certainty because our thinking is grounded within God himself by being included in God’s own knowledge and love through Christ in the Holy Spirit.” (1)


When we agree with Christ that He is our life we are embedded in Him, and in Him in the Communion of God that we call the trinity. This communion comes from God’s side too because when we believe that Christ is our life the ‘we’ of God makes their home in our being. You are never separated from God.


Gnosticism makes claim to special knowledge. Any alteration to the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles is illegitimate particularly if it calls itself new light. There is only one Light of the World and one Gospel of life.

If embedded in the law, our starting point for understanding Jesus will be human experience, namely our experience of living from a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil. This will condition us to rationalism and ‘head trips’. It can tend to Gnosticism which is salvation by special knowledge. Communities touched by Gnosticism are clothed in Christian talk but are not exponents of the G0spel of Jesus and the apostles. They are promoters of what Paul called ‘other gospels.


Content is given to our faith, meaning that it is grounded in substance when rooted in the being and the action of God. The life of God comes not from law or religion or from definitions and proof texts. It comes from the being of God in whom we are planted when we agree with Father that Jesus is our life.

We are in God even of our gospel is shonky. We enjoy more of Him and His life when we have His mind. Jesus is grace and truth. Not grace and let’s make something up.

Christ is real and present to us each day. Jesus is real because He was resurrected and present to us, because He is woven into our being by the incarnation. This is life in the spirit which manifests as us in Christ come in our flesh. The reality of Christ is attested by incarnated people who like their Saviour are ‘living words’ of life unto life.


Thomas Torrance writes “It is in the resurrection that we are to understand fully the fact that Jesus Christ is himself the Truth – ‘I am the Truth’. It is as incarnate Son risen that Jesus Christ remains Truth, uncreated Truth and created truth in one. He is not simply the eternal Logos of God, but that Logos become flesh, full of grace and truth, not simply Word of God addressed to man, but answering word of man addressed to God in the unity of his one Person.”


It is God in Christ who joins us to God from our side and from God’s side. The oneness with God that is ours is real and astonishing, meaning that no one who lives intentionally incarnated, lives and ordinary life. We are incarnated with God in principle and incarnated in actuality when we agree with Jesus that He is our life.


Thousands of Christians know that Christ is real, even though they have never seen Him in person. They know Him because their heart has seen Him and knows Him. Others have seen His healing works and know that Jesus is alive and present on planet earth. We see the face of Christ in the faces of those in whom He lives because He is desired above all else. The manifestation of Christ in us - is always us expressed in grace and truth. The presence of God is expressed in our humanity. Some have heard the voice of God although this is not necessary to be saved or even for a Godly life. Jesus enters our realm in manifestations at times to show that He is really here – yet the main manifestation is Christ in you - the life of every Believer. As a son/daughter, you are a manifestation of God.

(1) Paul D Molnar, Incarnation, Resurrection and the Doctrine of the Trinity: A Comparison of Thomas F. P 159.