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There never was a law to which God was subordinate and there was and is no law that is the expression of God. The trinity is God and Jesus Christ is the revelation of this God. The representative of God who is God is a Person and the God Jesus is part of is three persons one God.

‘The letter that kills’ is a production of the knowledge of good and evil and separateness from God. The letter is never life-giving which is why the Word is the Person of Christ – a living being and why those who are in Christ are Living expressions of this Word – not manifestations of the law that whose nature is death.

Faith communities based on the law are never alive even when they have come into the Spirit and have the gifts. Life is ours when God is part of our being because Christ is our life. This is the root that grows the Kingdom and the soil in which the Gifts flourish.

The introduction to the book of John, the logos and the law of the spirit of life are words that denote the triune God – but as John in indicates, the Word that was made flesh is Jesus Christ. Christ is not an agglomeration of words. It follows that in Jesus a living word is you. This is Christ come in our flesh.

Theosis means participating in the divine nature through oneness with God.


“For Torrance and other recent thinkers, the ascension achieves theosis. In the ascended Lord, believers are enabled to participate in the Divine nature and achieve immortality, becoming like God without ceasing to be human, and they do so precisely ‘in Christ’. In presenting the implications of the ascension of Jesus Christ in this way, Torrance again affirms that in theosis we never leave behind our creaturely status even in becoming ‘gods’.


This is made patently clear when he writes: ‘The staggering thing about this is that the exaltation of human nature into the life of God does not mean the disappearance of man or the swallowing up of human and creaturely being in the infinite ocean of the divine Being, but rather that human nature, remaining creaturely and human, is yet exalted in Christ to share in God’s life and glory.’ He is also affirming that we never leave behind Jesus Christ in his role as our Mediator and High Priest. Knowledge of God and communion with God in eternity adhere in the same way they do in the present – exclusively through Jesus Christ.” (1)


Christ in you is the life of the triune God in you. Christ in you is the perichoresis that is the oneness of the trinity embracing you in its own oneness. Adam’s separation has ended in Christ’ Jesus. The cross has effected the ultimate healing – the healing of our relationship with God, the healing of our relationship with the self and the healing of our relationship with others – not to mention that healing of relationship with the Earth.

One does not have a real god if one sees God as a construct of the law. A Christ who represents the law is a false christ. A god who is the expression of religion is an impotent God. God is not ours because we have performed certain rites or earned points for obedience. God is real and is ours when worshiped as Jesus Christ who lives in us and with us.

(1) Myk Habets, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance, p.90.