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The order of heaven is the trinity – which is the Communion of Love.

There is no law in heaven nor was there a law before the fall. The order that existed was not the kind of law that we think of in a judicial sense and not the law that the Hebrews lived from. The order of heaven was oneness with God, described by Paul as having one’s being in God. Adam and Eve began in the Communion of God that is God’s trinitarian life. The law of the spirit of life that Paul cites is not the Mosaic law energised by Christ. It is the trinitarian life in which we are now included in the person of Jesus. To be ‘in Christ’ is to be included in this Communion of the Trinitarian God.

Oneness with the trinity is Godliness, righteousness and life to the full.


When I was a little boy my mother told me that the difference between ourselves and other Christians was that they believed that the law had been done away with at the cross. They were right about that. Jesus is not a superior way of keeping the law. Jesus does transcend the law but He does so by weaving Himself into us so that He has come in our flesh and we are made one with God. Paul calls this Christ our life. It’s the trinity incarnated un us.

Godliness is taking on God-Qualities because Christ is in you.


Grace is not something that helps us cope with the law. Grace is the person of Christ who is our life as forgiveness, righteousness and fullness of life. Jesus spoke and acted spirit and life. He did so because He and His Father were one. Since the cross we have been included in the oneness of Father that Jesus enjoyed. This is the state of being that is ours, courtesy of the enterprise of the trinity and the achievements of Christ. It’s your inheritance.


But this is not all of Grace. The agency of this Grace is that Christ is our life. Incarnated in our being, Jesus becomes us – which is to say that the face of Jesus may be seen in Bill and Mavis who believe in Him. Perichoresis means that you are one with Christ while flourishing as you. Jesus becomes us both as righteousness and making us alive in our body, soul and spirit.


We can do better than attempt to attain a superior amalgam of good and evil. There is a better way than living from the law, from Christian values and fashionable moralities. We can invite Christ to take His place in our flesh. We can live separated from good/evil dichotomies by agreeing with Jesus that He is our life.

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. In Christ we live in the glory of our own being instead of living as A PROJECT.


Living from the law can be a combination of misdirected effort and virtue signalling to ourselves and God. Jeff Turner explains why with reference to our pre-fall relationship with God. “In this state of possessing a pure knowledge of God humanity was lacking in any concept of good or evil, for this “knowledge” had not yet become a part of the human experience. It had yet to enter into our lives which would seem to suggest that originally, man was not made to behold God as “holy” in a moral or behavioural sense, as God discouraged man from eating the fruit that would grant him this ability. In man’s original mind there were no lines of distinction between good and bad, or sacred and secular. God was all in all, and Adam and Eve enjoyed life in the context of His presence, without a consciousness or understanding of sin. God was not the judge, the rule master or the dispenser of fines and penalties for moral infractions. He was simply Father, and above all He was Love.”


This implies that dualism began with the fall and that separation from God as a misshapen way of life is the main effect of the fall. Oneness with God began when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished.’ Separation had finished.

This is why any Christian culture that suggests ‘keys’, strategies and behaviors to gain union with God is not the inheritance Jesus gifted us. Our inheritance us union with God. Our relationship with God is incarnation. Our living the incarnated life is our agreeing with Jesus that He is our life and that His life as a member of the trinity has been shared with us.