The essence of God is the trinity – one God, three persons. The core of Kingdom belief is that we are made one with the trinity in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ undoes separation and makes us one with the Holy Family. As a human being He makes God one with us. We do not become God but we do become sons/daughters in spirit and in truth in a manner that is impossible through the law. The law, as an artefact of the knowledge of good and evil and its intrinsic separation, apart from being an abstraction has no power to effect oneness with God. But Jesus does.
The issue of Christian life – the issue that distinguishes Kingdom from religion is not the law and the keeping of it. The issue is our inclusion in God and your participation in this oneness by agreeing that Christ is your life. Grace is not a clever way of coming to terms with the law. Grace is Christ for you and incarnated in you. Grace lived is Christ expressed as you. Realised grace is incarnation as illustrated by the Lord’s Table by which the wine and the bread becomes you. This is hard for those who have no category of the Spirit to understand because they are tied to the rationalised logic of legalism. They have a rational /legal religion.
Athanasius wrote, “
It would be more godly and true to signify God from the Son and call him Father, than to name God from his works alone and call him Unoriginate.'  In this statement Athanasius was reflecting the emphasis of the Council of Nicaea on the centrality of the Father/Son relation and its primacy over the Creator/creature relation.” 
However, the point here is not as much about Nicaea as it is about the trinitarian nature of the personhood of God who includes us in Himself. This in a similar fashion to the communion of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live in a oneness, in which they are truly their unique selves. This is the kind of relationship in which we are included in Christ about which the law is irrelevant. Your belonging in Christ is certified in the Person of Jesus. This is the New Covenant.
The supremacy of Christ and the personhood of the trinity establish that God is not an Unmoved Mover. He is not the Great architect of the Masons or the great lawmonger of the Jews and others Christian sects.
You are a branch and fruit of the Vine when you live Christ in place of religion. The Spirit has fruit but the law does not – not of Godliness and humanity. It does have briars and thorns because this is the nature of separation from God lived as a ‘faith.’